Prices come down from peak in TMO's import wheat tender

22 December 20212 min reading

In the wheat tender initiated by the Turkish Grain Board on December 21, 2021, prices in dollar terms decreased by 8.4 percent compared to the previous tender. The price of 13.5 protein wheat experienced a fall of 32.90 dollars.

In the 320 thousand-ton wheat import tender of the Turkish Grain Board, the price decreased by 20.1 dollars for 12.5 protein bread wheat per ton and 32.90 dollars for 13.5 protein bread wheat compared to the previous 385 thousand tons tender.

Prices ranging from 394.90 dollars to 380 dollars per ton were quoted for 13.5 protein wheat, which constitutes 210 thousand tons of the 385 thousand tons capacity tender made on November 25. Prices for wheat with 12.5 protein, which make up 175 thousand tons, ranged from 387.40 dollars to 376 dollars per ton.

In the TMO tender made yesterday, 362 dollars was quoted for 25 thousand tons of wheat with 13.5 protein. Prices ranging from 354.90 to 361.90 were bid for 295 thousand tons of wheat with 12.5 protein. Consequently, between the tender made yesterday and the one held on November 25, a decrease of $20.1 per ton at the lowest price and $32.90 at the highest price have been recorded.

In the last tender of TMO, the highest price for 25 thousand tons of bread wheat with 13.5% protein was tendered by GTCS with 362 USD whereas the lowest price for 12.5 percent protein wheat came from Kibar 354.90 USD.

USD/TRY rate calculated as 12,629

On the other hand, Ulusoy Flour's 100% subsidiary Rolweg S.A. announced that it won the wheat import tender initiated by TMO. The statement made by the company to KAP (Public Disclosure Platform), was as follows: “Our 100% subsidiary, Rolweg S.A. won a tender worth 17,870,000 USD (225,698,100 Turkish Liras) with the bid given by Turkish Grain Board (TMO) in the wheat import tender made on 22.12.2021.”

According to the calculation made with the figures of Ulusoy Flour, it was seen that the USD/TRY rate, which has experienced a great fluctuation in the last two days, was calculated as 12,629. Despite the decrease in dollar terms in the tender of the Turkish Grain Board, the price in Turkish Lira is higher than the previous tender. In the tender dated November 25, the exchange rate was calculated as 12 liras.

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