Premier Tech expands its presence in Europe with three acquisitions

24 December 20202 min reading

Premier Tech announced the acquisition of two French companies, Aqua Assainissement SAS and AMI Assainissement SAS, as well as the acquisition of the assets of Neve Environnement. These three transactions by Premier Tech Water and Environment will be effective as of January 4, 2021.

AMI Assainissement SAS and Aqua Assainissement SAS are specialized in the services of onsite wastewater treatment systems and in the e-commerce for replacement parts. For almost five years, they have been offering support and parts for all commercial products in France.

This integrated parts and services offer is fully dedicated to the market of onsite wastewater treatment and related applications. As for Neve Environnement, they are specialized in technological options associated with clustered onsite wastewater treatment since 1999.

These three acquisitions will allow Premier Tech to expand its commercial offer in client solutions and its services network in France. Thus, Premier Tech reinforces its sustainable development commitment towards the communities we work with.

Premier Tech’s presence in Europe now includes two Headquarters — that of its Premier Tech Growers and Consumers and Premier Tech Water and Environment business groups —, two innovation centres, eight plants and around 425 team members.

Henri Ouellet, President of Premier Tech Water and Environment, explains: “AMI Assainissement allows us to strengthen our services offer of onsite wastewater treatment systems.

As for Aqua Assainissement, its e-commerce solutions position us in this strategic market segment. For its part, Neve Environnement densifies and increases our clustered onsite wastewater treatment solutions offer.

Together, these three acquisitions align with our long-standing will to offer a first-class support to our clients throughout the entire lifespan of their onsite wastewater treatment system.

They also allow us to strengthen our commitment towards the communities we work with and be coherent with our global approach regarding lasting solutions.”

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