Packaging in Flour and Pulses

08 December 20152 min reading
It is said that more than 800 million people in the world is struggling from malnutrition. However, as a result of improper marketing, storing and preserving conditions, every year million tons of food is wasted. In this regard, four and pulses which are rich in nutritional value are considered the most important source of human nutrition. Although flour can be stored for a long time it is being wasted as it is not properly packaged, it is being wasted due to poor storage conditions. The same applies for pulses too. kapak72 The mission of the companies producing flour and pulses is not only producing the product in healthy and suitable conditions. Delivering the product to the consumer safely after it’s produced and selecting the most suitable package for the product is the task of the producer again. Adverse changes are experienced in the shelf life and tastes of the food products which are not packaged with a suitable packaging. This causes majority of the food to be wasted due to improper marketing, preserving and storing conditions in an era when majority of world population is suffering from malnutrition. We are in an era when need for food is continuously increasing along with the population but raw materials and food production accordingly remain limited. Thus we cannot waste anything that we produce to be nourished. In this respect, packaging remains highly important.c
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