Omas is making new plant in Uganda

01 February 20172 min reading

One of the leaders in milling technology, Omas Industries is now building a new milling plant in Uganda. The new plant will have the cutting-edge “Building Economy” technology which reduces the number of levels, construction volume, and total building and foundation weight by 20%.


Omas Industries was chosen as the technology partner to extend the Master Grain Milling plant in Jinjia, Uganda. According to the press release of Omas, the new mill, with a production capacity of 300 tonnes per day, will be built alongside the old Golfetto mill, completed in 2000, and it will be equipped with all of the most leading-edge technologies available for the milling industry. The plant is being installed in a new construction, to be built by the client to designs by Omas using cutting-edge “Building Economy” technology that will reduce the number of levels, construction volume, and total building and foundation weight by 20%.

EQUIPPED WITH CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY The new plant will also be supplied from 2 cone-bottom silos with mixer and a capacity of 500 tons each, equipped with grain flow metering devices. The grain cleaning line will include a Giotto wheat sterilizer to provide optimum management of the wheat, as it removes the waterproof cellulose outer layers. The milling section will be equipped with a Leonardo roller mill that uses cutting-edge KERS technology, patented by Omas. The milling plant, which will have full Wi-Fi network coverage, can be managed from tablets, fully controlled by PLC with Omas software and completed by a system to control milling performance, energy consumption, and preventive maintenance.

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