OMAS introduces the automatic milling pilot

15 March 20244 min reading

Giulia Carraro
Head of Marketing
Omas Industries

Omas Industries addresses the critical need for precise milling temperatures with its groundbreaking technology, the ‘Milling Pilot’. The new temperature and pressure control system ensures uniform operation across the milling surface.

Having a clear indication of milling temperatures has become crucial today. This is not only to increase the mill’s safety level, preventing explosive risks, but also to avoid subjecting semolina and flour to high temperatures and mechanical stress, which could cause irreparable damage to their qualitative components, significantly altering their organoleptic and nutritional properties.

To meet this market demand, Omas Industries, an Italian company specializing in machinery and plants for cereal milling based in San Giorgio delle Pertiche, in the province of Padua, is introducing its new technology “Milling Pilot” to the market. This system represents a step towards artificial intelligence in mill control, automating the regulation of rollers and temperature.

The “Omas Milling Pilot” technology combines the advanced Omas Drive System (ODS), allowing for micrometric adjustment of the milling gap with a precision of 0.004 mm, and the innovative Omas Cylinders System (OCS), a roller temperature control sensor.

The first system, Omas Drive System, utilizes permanent magnet motors to regulate the milling gap with micrometric precision, replicating all milling recipe parameters automatically, even remotely. This ensures that the distance between rollers can be set, saved, and reproduced for various recipes, avoiding the risk of incorrect manual milling adjustments by operators.

The Omas Cylinders System is Omas’ latest cutting-edge invention, consisting of three infrared sensors capable of detecting the working temperature of the rollers. By continuously measuring the roller temperature, it determines if the machine is working uniformly across the entire milling surface or requires further calibration. Once the temperature is detected, the system sends a signal to the Pressure System via an algorithm, which adjusts the pressure between the cylinders to maintain consistent milling intensity on both sides of the machine.

The Omas Milling Pilot comes with three main calibrations programmed by the Omas R&D engineering department: gentle, medium, and heavy grinding. Each of these settings corresponds to a different working temperature, ranging from 40°C to 65°C, depending on the desired level of damaged starch. Maintaining the correct and uniform temperature along the milling rollers ensures the preservation of the nutritional properties of the flours, ensuring consistent milling and high-quality flour. Overheating the flour significantly compromises the quality of the final product, affecting baked goods such as pasta, bread, pizza, etc.

With temperature and milling intensity control throughout the processing, the Omas Milling Pilot becomes a valuable and practical tool, even for less experienced operators. Electrically wired, the system allows monitoring abnormal temperature increases through alarms visible on the machine’s HMI, seamlessly integrated with the new OMI and dedicated UI interface.

In the presence of abnormal temperatures, the Omas Milling Pilot automatically stops the machine, ensuring constant and effective monitoring of the milling process.

Simultaneously, alongside the roller temperature control system, Omas mills also feature the Omas Bearings System (OBS), a sensor system applied to bearing supports capable of detecting working temperatures and anomalies caused by wear or improper machine maintenance. In this case as well, the system is electrically wired to the machine and can be managed directly from the interface for prompt and intuitive alarm visualization.

The integration of Omas Drive System, Omas Cylinders System, and Omas Bearings System demonstrates Omas’ commitment to ensuring greater efficiency and precision in milling processes. With the expansion of its presence in new markets, especially with the recent establishment of the Omas Northern Europe division, Omas Industries strengthens its position as a global leader in providing cutting-edge solutions for cereal milling. The combination of technology, safety, and quality presented in the “Milling Pilot” reaffirms Omas Industries’ dedication to meeting the ever-evolving needs of the industry and maintaining the highest standards in cereal processing.

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