Nurturing food security and sustainability in the Middle East

02 November 20233 min reading

Nestled in the Middle East, Al-Hazaa Investment Group is a shining beacon of innovation, excellence, and sustainability in the milling and food production sectors. With 12 wheat flour mills across four countries, one maize mill, a feed plant, plastic factory, pasta and noodles production facilities, and a solar power plant, Al-Hazaa is dedicated to food security, sustainability, and innovation, making a significant impact in the region and beyond.

Mariam Al-Hazaa
Business Development Manager
Al Hazaa Investment Group

In the heart of the Middle East, Al-Hazaa Investment Group stands as a lighthouse for innovation, excellence, and sustainability within the milling and food production industries. With a portfolio spanning 12 wheat flour mills across four countries, in addition to a maize mill, feed mill, pasta factory, instant noodles factory, plastic factory and a renewable energy plant in Jordan, Al-Hazaa is not only a leader in the milling industry but also a strong contributor to the food security in the region.

Al-Hazaa’s commitment to producing premium flour plays a pivotal role in enhancing food security. Through its state-of-the-art flour mills, the group ensures a consistent supply of high-quality flour, catering to the diverse culinary needs of the Middle East. Al-Hazaa Investment Group has ambitious expansion visions, and in light of the rapid developments across all aspects globally, the Group seeks continuous innovation. Advanced technological systems adopted in Al-Hazaa’s factories have been crucial in complementing the growth strategy for the Group and maintaining its competitiveness, it has allowed the Group to adapt to changing market demands, increase its production efficiency, and stay ahead of our competitors through the utilization of advanced automation systems. 

Al-Hazaa Group has a strong commitment to sustainability in operations. At the forefront of their sustainability journey is the solar energy plant in Jordan. This groundbreaking initiative powers all of Al-Hazaa’s projects in the country, helping them produce a variety of food products by solely relying on clean energy. The group has clear objectives and strong faith in the field of sustainable development, it plans to further invest in renewable energy and adopt more eco-friendly practices, the Group has plans to establish additional renewable energy facilities within the region, with the objective of powering all of its factories exclusively through clean energy sources.

Al-Hazaa Group works towards enhancing food security in the region and achieving the human right to safe and accessible food for all, fairly combating the growing challenges of hunger amidst the numerous challenges in the region. Al-Hazaa’s vision is to shape a more sustainable future, guided by innovation, trust, and shared values.

Another investment for Al-Hazaa Group is its plastic factory in Jordan that is for produces all kinds of woven Polypropylene, Polyethylene, BOPP and AD*STAR sacks used for packaging flour, feed, fertilizers, and other food and non-food products. Operating fully on solar energy, this factory has a production capacity that exceeds one million sack annually. The woven PP sacks used for packing flour that are produced in their Jordanian factory are not only sturdy and reliable but also environmentally friendly. They represent a sustainable alternative to traditional packaging materials, reducing the ecological footprint of the flour industry.

In an ever-changing world, Al-Hazaa Investment Group remains steadfast in its mission to enhance food security, promote sustainability, and drive innovation in the milling and food production sectors. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on the future, Al-Hazaa stands as a shining example of how businesses can make a difference in their communities and beyond.

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