North Dakota flour mill in expansion

12 January 20152 min reading

Grand Forks Mill which is the only state-owned flour mill in North Dakota is expected to be completed next fall.

unhaber3 Grand Forks Mill which is the only state-owned flour mill in North Dakota State of USA is being prepared to grow 27 million dollars. According to the news published by Agweek; North Dakota opened the nation’s only state-owned flour mill in the early 1900s. “It worked back in 1922 and it still works today,” says Vance Taylor, president and general manager of the North Dakota Mill and Elevator. Taylor says that the Grand Forks mill is likely to be the largest single milling operation in the country and the 6th among all flour milling companies when 27 million-dollar expansion is completed next fall. In 2014 the mill produced profit of 13,3 million dollars which is the second best in its 92-year history. It is likely to continue delivering financial results for North Dakota. “We have a big advantage in the marketplace being located in North Dakota where the highest quality wheat in the world is produced” he says. The majority of the wheat used by the mill is grown in North Dakota or western Minnesota. 1,7 million kg of flour is produced by the mill in a day. It grinds 10 percent of all wheat grown in North Dakota. The state is the leader throughout the nation in terms of production of hard red spring wheat, a high protein variety preferred for bread flour, and durum which is milled into semolina flour to make pasta.
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