Nibulon exports record volume of grain

11 October 20182 min reading
In the first quarter of the marketing year, Ukranian grain trader Nibulon exported 1,411,330 tons of commodities. It is the largest volume of agricultural products exported in the whole period of its activity, as compared to the similar periods of other years. The previous record was 1,399,570 tons in the first quarter of 2015/16 MY. preview_big_7781 Nibulon demonstrated the highest result in August, having exported more than 530 thousand tons of grain. Wheat (47,3 % or 668,257 tons) prevails in the crop export structure among 7 crops exported by Nibulon. The shares of barley and rapeseed are almost the same – about 18 % of each crop. 16,6 % (233,873 tons) is the share of corn. It should be noted that despite the annual increase in the number of exporters, the company manages to maintain its market share and leadership. It is testimony to a truly high level of competitiveness of the company. It should also be noted the increase in volumes of river transportation to optimize the internal logistics as a step aimed at increasing Ukrainian agricultural products competitiveness in the global market. In particular, the last month of the summer was a record one in the company’s activities in terms of volume of agricultural products loaded for export by fleet (without calling at ports, directly in the roads) – almost 300 thousand tons. Thus, the company transported about 60 % of grain for export by river transport and removed traffic loads from the country’s roads. Nibulon company transports not only grain but also other cargoes, such as well-known Kherson watermelons, metal, building materials (sand, piles, etc.), coal. In total, the company has transported more than 12 million tons of cargoes by inland waterways. Therefore, 500 thousand trucks were removed from the roads. Nibulon actively redirects its cargo flows to water transport, each year increasing volumes of cargoes transported by water transport. In 2017/18 MY, it transported 2.5 million tons of products per year. In the coming years it plans to construct its fleet that will number 100 units in order to transport 4 million tons per year.
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