New flour mill from Bunge in Brazil

08 May 20141 min reading
Bunge Brazil plans to build a new flour mill with 223 million-dollar investment in Rio de Janeiro. Bunge Brazil plans to invest 500 million real ($223 million) in the construction of a new flour mill in Rio de Janeiro. According to the news from Baking Business; the new facility will integrate the current mill and Fluminense Rio Distribution Centre, thus all facilities will be able to be transferred to a single location. Philip Affonso Ferreira, vice-president of Food & Ingredients Bunge Brazil said, “In reaching its full capacity, the new mill will grind Fluminense over 600,000 tons of wheat per year, which represents an increase of over 50% on what is being processed in the current mill." about the subject. The new mill is expected to be opened in 2016. Then Bunge Brazil will have three of the largest mills in Latin America: Fluminense, Suape and Ponta Grossa. The company plans to transfer the employees from current units (mill and distribution center) to the new facility.
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