New and competent team of Brabender

18 May 20172 min reading

The Brabender Food Division sets the course for the future with a new divisional structure, strengthened by new management staff for sales and technical application advice.


One of the market leaders in rheological and other laboratory analysis, Brabender reconstructed its divisional structure. Now a new team leads the management of the Brabender Food Division. Markus Löns, who has been with Brabender for more than 14 years, most recently held the position of national and international Sales Director. In his new position as Director Food Division, he has now been responsible for the global Food business unit since the end of 2016. He will be assisted by Jürgen Willmann who joined the Brabender team in October 2016. In his new position, he assumes, among other tasks, the sales contr ol of the local sales agencies and the development of new markets. Providing technical advice for international Brabender customers, the Application Lab Food has been led by Jessica Wiertz since July 2016. As a qualified food technologist with experiences in quality assurance and laboratory management, she supports customers with the developments of methods, with application trainings and more. Aiming at the best possible customer orientation and support, the new team is looking forward to exciting projects as well as to new markets and applications for the Brabender product range.

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