New AEGIC test to examine the truth of whole grains

09 July 20202 min reading

A new test for checking whole grain flour meets the official definition is now available to the Australian flour milling industry.

The test, developed and offered by the Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre (AEGIC), will support consumer confidence by giving flour mills more evidence to support whole grain ingredient claims. Project leader Dr Hayfa Salman said the test would bolster consistency, compliance, and transparency across the domestic milling industry. “The vast majority of modern mills use roller milling, in which the endosperm is gradually separated from the bran and germ,” Dr Salman said. “The endosperm comprises the bulk of the wheat grain, and is what white flour is made of. “The separate components are then later recombined at the mill. “Until now, there was no accepted method or process to validate the correct recombination of components. “Thanks to this new test, Australia’s flour mills will boost their ability to authenticate whole grain label claims.”

Dr. Salman said the development of the new testing method was spurred on by a revised definition from the global Whole Grain Initiative. Whole grains shall consist of the intact, ground, cracked, flaked or otherwise processed kernel after the removal of inedible parts such as the hull and husk. All anatomical components, including the endosperm, germ, and bran must be present in the same relative proportions as in the intact kernel.

The whole grain authenticity model and testing method was developed by AEGIC, in collaboration with the Australian flour milling industry. Dr. Salman said the test had been welcomed by the flour milling industry. She said the test would also help Australia’s grain markets in Asia as they continue to increase wholegrain consumption. “AEGIC is working in South East Asian markets to boost consumption of wholegrain foods. Australian white wheat is recognised to have distinct advantages in this growing market,” she said. “Providing support for authentication will assist uptake.”

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