Milling Training, Qualified Workforce and the General Situation in the World –I: “MILLING SCHOOLS”

08 February 20161 min reading
Today, the milling industry needs high qualified staff in all areas of milling industry. Intermediate employees who know about raw materials, costs, can run the mill, adjust machines, check the products, and that know about machine maintenance and electricity/automation are in demand. h_74_KAPAKS Demand for basic foods is a rapidly increasing. This allows the food processing sector to grow and Companies, particularly those that process grain, are ready to invest in new capacity. However, the lack of trained personnel for operation and maintenance is a limitation for companies.  The milling schools which are established both by leading milling technologies companies and the universities are training workforce to meet this requirement. As Miller Magazine, we have prepared a detailed cover story about the schools offering training for this area. As the subject of our cover story was very well accepted we decided to discuss this subject in two issues and focus on just the schools in this issue. We will continue our cover story “Milling Education” in the next issue too and place the views of the industry about this subject.
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