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11 July 20178 min reading

Mustafa ORAL, Unormak Değirmen Mak. İml. San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.: "As Unormak we are a company that serves at international level today and has proven itself with its technology and service. We work with representatives and liaison offices in many countries and become a brand in the regions we serve. The interest shown from abroad is really satisfactory."

mustafa oral

Unormak, which has taken its place among the major companies of the world in the manufacture of milling machines within a period of nearly 30 years, today is recognized for its technology in more than 40 countries with hundreds of facilities.

General Manager Mustafa ORAL with whom we came together to discuss the things that have been curious about Unormak Milling Machines, summarize briefly with the following conclusions that today’s success is not a coincidence:

“Today, if we are among the world’s leading mill machinery suppliers, it is because that we satisfy our customers both in terms of technology and service.”

We are getting the details about Unormak Milling Machines from General Manager Mustafa ORAL.

Mr. ORAL, Unormak Machines is one of the leading brands of the milling technology sector. Can you firstly tell the story of Unormak Machines and how you reached today’s success?

As Unormak, we started manufacturing mill machinery in 1987. Since then, we have continuously improved and renewed the technology we use in the manufacture of milling machines, and taken our place among the world’s most successful manufacturers of milling machines that produce with modern technology.

Today, we are completing all the necessary works at various capacities from the projecting to the manufacturing, exporting, commissioning and testing phases in accordance with the modern technology and we offer turnkey flour, semolina and corn flour factories.

As Unormak we have specialized in manufacturing mill machinery in particular. This is a long and decisive service journey from the promotion of what we produce, the export, the establishment of the factory, first test to after-sales customer satisfaction.

In addition, all the machines we manufacture comply with ISO 9000, CE and international standards.

Certainly that the industry we serve is the “flour” industry, which is the most important of all people’s basic nutritional needs, has accelerated our growth and provided positive contribution to us to come these days.

For us, following the innovations in the sector, responding to customers’ requests quickly, ensuring customer satisfaction and maintaining this, are the issues that must be taken into consideration in order to be successful.

There is also Oryem, your other company that produces feed technology. Would you also give us some information about Oryem company that started operating a few years ago? Why feed technology?

First of all, I can say that the knowledge, experience and background information that Unormak Mill machinery has gained in the domestic and international markets guided us to make such investment.

Today, ethical responsibility in your commitments and social responsibility towards both the customer and the environment has become the leading quality concepts.

Unormak is a company that is aware of these responsibilities, and it tries to do what it is necessary and it has proven itself in this regard. This encouraged us to be assertive about the feed sector that is parallel to our sector.

Along with these improvements, we have reached the position to be able to serve in all branches of the feed industry, namely poultry, cattle, sheep, and aquaculture feed technology fields.

Our goal have been to be able to offer products with higher efficiency and higher technology at a more affordable cost. In this regard, I believe that we have achieved a significant success in a short time.

As Unormak, will you talk a little bit about the technological solutions you have produced? We know that you offer turnkey solutions to your customers, but what technologies are produced totally within Unormak Machinery? We produce almost all the technologies that a turnkey needs to have by ourselves. We produce all technologies from machines in the cleaning unit, machines in the grinding unit, and the packaging unit to the transport equipment by ourselves. We also provide services for automation and efficiency systems and spare parts.

Actually you can not compete in the mill machinery sector and you can not get a place in the sector without providing all the technologies and services. Today, if we are among the world’s leading mill machinery suppliers, this is because that we satisfy our customers in terms of technology and service.

Would you give us information about your role both in Turkey’s and the world’s milling industry, and your share in the milling market? Could you tell us how many countries you have reached today and how many turn-key flour factories you have established?

Until today we have built many facilities in Turkey and our achievement in this regard is now known. However, we have become a well-known and trusted brand in international markets as well.

Today we are one of the manufacturers placed near the top among the world’s mill manufacturers.

We built facilities in more than 40 countries of the world. Russia, Romania, Albania, Kosovo, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, France , Greece, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Tunisia, Algeria, India, Pakistan, Egypt, Morocco, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Palestine, Sudan, Ethiopia, South Africa, Libya , Mali, Burkina Faso, Serbia, Bulgaria, Mauritania, Republic of Guinea are among the countries where we have established semolina and corn flour factories or machinery.

We have made a breakthrough in African countries especially in recent years. In the Turkic Republics, in the Middle East and Balkan countries, in Russia, we have already successfully realized many plants for many years and we continue to do it.

It is very difficult to give the total number of establishments, but we can express it as follows; we have established 2-3 factories in the countries where we started our operations a few years ago, and we have established more than 5 factories in the countries where we have been operating since 10 years.

Countries like Russia and Egypt are at the forefront of the countries where we have established tens of factories.

If we take into account the diversity of the work and manufacture plans of these countries where we have established factories, we can say that tens of thousands of tons of wheat have been processed with our machines at hundreds of facilities in more than 40 countries.

R & D studies now seem to be one of the most vital factors in every sector, every manufacture chain. What does R & D mean for you? Would you talk about your works in this area?

Of course R&D is also a must for Unormak. As a company we attach great importance to R&D works and allocate a large budget for this. Our R&D team gives a direction to their works to develop new technologies or to move existing technologies to the next level, taking customer requirements and problematic points in manufacture into consideration.

As we know, milling is a never ending sector. While people exist this sector exists as well. Our customers are aware of this. Therefore, requests for capacity increases and new facilities continue.

In R&D works that we do to improve the machines, we give particular importance to the energy conservation and manufacture capacity which are the main expectations of the customers.

In addition, we are constantly renewing our own technology to ensure the standardization required in machinery manufacture and we are carrying out the quality control processes under the supervision of specialist technical personnel with great care.

What do you think is the reason for millers to choose Unormak technologies? What advantages and benefits will a miller gain when he chooses you to replace his technology or establish a new factory? In short, what are you promising millers?

As Unormak we are a company that serves at international level today and has proven itself with its technology and service.

We work with representatives and liaison offices in many countries and become a brand in the regions we serve. The interest shown from abroad is really satisfactory.

We are also constantly competing with other foreign companies in the mill sector. The meticulous adherence to the rules of working life makes us successful in this competition.

I also think that besides our quality service in international markets, we have the opportunities to be transformed into advantages thanks to geographical, cultural and economic reasons. I think that all of these are important factors to prefer us.

Finally what do you want to add?

Today, using the most advanced and cutting-edge technology is inevitable. The fact that the food industry is a service area that directly concerns people with regard to hygiene, human health and healthy nutrition issues further increases our responsibility.

For this reason, manufacture in modern facilities in accordance with today’s conditions is only possible with the use of a new and advanced technology.

In this way we can also reach the quality needed and have the opportunity to produce at a high level.

The machines with new technology that we have added to the manufacture line contribute our manufacture to reach more modern results.

In the same way we are constantly working on new projects to respond to requests from the sector and we are evaluating the technical issues required to make the flour mill more useful and efficient as a system and we continue our efforts to obtain positive results.

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