Millers for Nutrition launches in Kenya and Tanzania to combat malnutrition

26 June 20244 min reading

Millers for Nutrition has launched in Kenya and Tanzania to enable millers in both countries to produce safe, nutritious food to help reduce malnutrition and enable their peoples to live healthier and more productive lives.

Millers for Nutrition, a new industry-led coalition, has been established to support and recognize the vital role millers play in reducing malnutrition and improving public health, through the addition of essential micronutrients to the foods they produce - a process known as food fortification.

Millers for Nutrition officially launches in Kenya.

In both countries, members will receive free technical support to improve the nutritional quality of their products, including access to tailored technical training, product testing support and online tools and business advice, which will also help millers to reduce their compliance risk and enhance production efficiency. As nutritional quality improves, members will also benefit as they gain greater recognition for product quality and industry leadership.


On 4th June, Millers for Nutrition launched at an event in Nairobi attended by (Hon. Rebecca Miano, EGH, MBS, Cabinet Secretary Ministry of Trade Investments and Industry; Brenda Oburah, Head, Division of Food Safety; Elizabeth Yegon, Assistant Director for Agriculture and Leila Akinyi, Deputy Head, Division of Nutrition and Dietetics), who were joined by leaders from industry and food, health and nutrition organizations.

Opening the Sanku premix facility in Tanzania

Also announced at the same event were this year’s ererswinners of the Kenya Millers Fortification Index (KMFI) Awards, organized in partnership with the Cereal Millers Association (CMA), which recognize local food brands that are leading the way in improving the nutritional quality of their product. The brands recognized were: 1st place: Jogoo, EXE Whole Meal, EXE Atta Mark 1; 2nd place: U mix Mandazi; 3rd place: EXE Chapati, EXE Self Rising, EXE All Purpose.

Kenya Millers Fortification Index first place winners.

In Kenya, Millers for Nutrition will be focused on supporting millers of wheat and maize flour and rice.


On 15th June, Millers for Nutrition was launched at an event in Dar Es Salaam attended by Hon. Kassim Majaliwa Majaliwa (MP), Prime Minister of the United Republic of Tanzania, Hon. Ummy Hamis, Deputy Minister, Minister of State in the Prime Minister's Office, Hon. Albert Chalamila, Regional Commissioner, Dar Es Salaam, Hon. Exaud Kigahe, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Industry & Trade, Hon. Ummy Mwalimu, Ministry of Health, who were also joined by leaders from industry and food, health and nutrition organizations.

Hon. Rebecca Miano, MBS, Cabinet Secretary Ministry of Trade Investments  and Industry attends Millers for Nutrition launch in Kenya.

In Tanzania, Millers for Nutrition will focus on supporting the fortification efforts of millers of flour (maize and wheat) and edible oil.

At the same event, Sanku, a non-profit organization and strategic partner of Millers for Nutrition, opened a new micronutrient premix blending factory in Dar Es Salaam to make it easier for flour millers to source high quality, more affordable premix solutions. As the first commercial nutrient blending facility in East Africa, the facility aims to overcome the high cost, low quality and logistical challenges these millers face when procuring premix to fortify their flour.

Millers in Kenya and Tanzania can find out more information on Millers for Nutrition and how to become a member at:


Millers for Nutrition is being implemented in eight countries across Africa and Asia: Bangladesh, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan and Tanzania, and across three staple food vehicles: rice, edible oil, and flour (wheat and maize). Partners of the coalition have committed to to reach one billion people with adequately fortified rice, edible oil and flour by 2026. It is a cross-sector partnership, with millers at the centre and industry partners from across the food fortification value chain, including founding partners BASF, dsm-firmenich, Mühlenchemie/SternVitamin, Piramal, BioAnalyt and Sanku contributing technical expertise and support to millers. Regional and local technical partners such as Hexagon Nutrition in India are now joining the coalition to support millers in specific geographies or staples. 

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