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12 April 201812 min reading

“The Miller Magazine that has covered the milling sector for 12 years celebrates its 100th issue together with the representatives of this vital sector. While the stakeholders of this sector are united over the idea that this magazine adds value to this sector, this fact raises the responsibility of the publishing team.” 


The Miller Magazine that began its publishing life 12 years ago with the vision to become the reference publication for the world’s milling industry enjoys the happiness to publish the 100th issue.

The magazine has become the memory for the milling sector with its cover stories, technical articles, news from automation to the world’s grain market, and from quality check to grain and pulse processing technologies.

More than 80 thousand professionals in 150 countries follow this publication in print and digital.

The magazine serves as a bridge in order to provide information new solutions and technology to international, local institutions and authorities especially flour, feed, rice, and pulse producers. It serves developments and innovations regarding the milling sector that plays an important role in people’s nourishment.

Having the responsibility to serve such a vital sector, the Miller feels proud to publish the 100th issue. Of course, we cannot enjoy such honor and joy without the sector’s support and contribution.

Keeping this in mind, we decided to prepare a special section in which we asked the representatives of sector to share their opinions on how to prepare better, satisfying, and effective magazine.

The opinions of various stakeholders on the Miller are as follows:

Stefan Birrer

Stefan Birrer - Head of Business Unit Wheat & Rye, Bühler AG, Switzerland

Congratulations! Congratulations to Miller Magazine! This is truly an achievement to be proud of: 100th editions of outstanding editorial coverage of the milling industry.

Ever since, Bühler happily relies on the magazine’s great superior studies, expert articles and insight. The magazine’s technology platform, market analysis and interview pages, amongst others, provide quality content, issue after issue.

Miller Magazine never fails to cover interesting focus topics, such as markets, sustainability and nutrition – technically competent, always up-to-date and highly valuable for the milling industry.

Its reader-friendly style and appealing presentation make for a pleasant read, while ensuring that all the latest industry challenges and current trends are highlighted.

Contrary to other milling magazines, also markets and industries with a lower level of awareness are covered. Miller Magazine certainly is a great asset for everyone who’s working in the milling industry.

Once again: Bühler sends warmest congratulations and wishes every success for the future! Keep it up!

Fritz A. Kahl

Fritz A. Kahl - Head of Marketing, F. H. Schule Muehlenbau GmbH-Germany

Congratulations to the 100th issue of Miller Magazine I’ve known the Miller Magazine for several years and it’s part of our fixed portfolio of special interest journals at F.H. Schule Muehlenbau GmbH, member of the KAHL Group. We are specializing in Grain Processing Plants, Oilseed Processing Plants, and Process Technology for Pulse. For me the Miller Magazine is a sophisticated and fresh addition to existing magazines, especially in terms of the editorial environment. Miller Magazine makes an excellent impression of the design, the print quality, and the professional standards.

The articles are internationally oriented and equally interesting for all areas of cereal processing.

We at F. H. Schule Muehlenbau GmbH wish you continued success with your magazine.

Erhan Özmen

Erhan Özmen - Chairman of the Southeast Anatolia Millers Association

Thank You The Miller Magazine Dear Miller Magazine readers, First of all, I would like to express that it is an honour for me to write for the 100th issue which is also a special issue of the Miller Magazine, a very special publication itself for our industry We are children of a land called Anatolia which has a gift for all humanity: wheat. And this is not only a simple agricultural product for us.

In this land we work for “bread winning”. Our wheat becomes the Turkish bagel at breakfast, and hot pita bread when breaking Ramadan fast.

It is the basic material of ashura pudding of holy days and of soup of Turkish soldiers fighting for salvation. When our children grow, tooth wheat becomes a divine gift for our homes.

In short, the wheat which is the milestone for humanity to become sedentary is an economic and cultural value for Anatolian people and it is blessed.

I congratulate the 100th issue of the Miller Magazine which presents us developments about wheat with the help of Parantez Group’s knowledge from grain and pulse processing industry and experience from IDMA Exhibition.

The Miller is not just a magazine for us. It is a reference book or a guide for us. It has been always stood by the industry when it won the first place for flour exports or second for pasta exports globally and put the success of the industry out and polished it.

The Miller Magazine has followed the latest developments, innovations and innovative trends, up-to-date statistical information and successfully felt the pulse of the industry.

So I congratulate the publisher Mrs. Zubeyde Kavraz and her team and I wish many happy returns of 100th issues.


Ali İhsan Özkaşıkçı - Chairman of Anatolian Flour Industrialists’ Association (AUSD)

It contributes to the solution of the problems of the sector The Miller Magazine keeps its finger on the pulse of the sector at an international level and it publishes the developments related to our sector. Besides, its contributions to making the sector’s problems known and solutions to these problems prove the magazine’s significance.

tabader Prof. Dr. Mustafa Bayram - Head of Departmant of Food Engineering, Gaziantep University TABADER Chairman of Executive Board The 100th issue, 100 precious issues We no longer write on stones but we write the story of stone on papers. An adventure started with stone mill has brought humanity on the edge of a huge development. Today, we are able to transfer tones of information from here to there thanks to digital media or conventional publishing materials. I especially take a pride in writing for the 100th issue of the Miller Magazine, the most precious of the industry. We believe that the milling industry will never walk alone as the Miller Magazine will continue to contribute to enrich and drive it with many more hundred issues. The publishing sector sees every issue of a magazine as equivalent to an age of a person. So, 100th issue is like a century for a magazine. It is a very valuable effort to prepare, deliver a high-quality publication and to focus on different topics on each and every issue. There are many magazines in the world that stops after a period of time and disappears. Sustainability is a significant virtue in magazine publishing. Moreover, the Miller has managed to be on the desks of many Turkish companies and institutions. This is a significant media to disseminate sectoral information at international level. It shares academic and corporate developments in the industry and also focus on scientific improvements and innovations. The Miller Magazine also makes valuable contributions for highlighting activities of TABADER or other parties before our members and the industry as a whole. Today, you can find the Miller on desks or bookshelves of all stakeholders of the industry. Even academicians keep the issues with important topics. Students that are interested in the industry also follow it. If a magazine can find its place on bookshelves or in libraries, that is a precious one. “Handbook of Milling” by the Miller Magazine has particular importance. It became a valuable source for the industry. As TABADER, we are also grateful to the Miller Magazine for donating this issue and leaving distribution work to us. We have to acknowledge distinguished place of the Miller for the industry to make it rise and improve and appreciate its value for us. To many more hundred issues… mehmet-alapala Mehmet Alapala - CEO, Alapros Its most important feature is its objective approach Miller Magazine uses the scientific and statistical data in the international context very specifically for our industry and makes an important contribution to us following the latest developments in Turkey and across the globe. The professional articles and news prepared in each issue are providing an insight into the sector. Its objective approach to events and companies is a distinctive and praiseworthy feature of the magazine that should serve as a model for foreign magazines addressing similar sectors. I wish a continued success to the publication team of Miller Magazine. Wish to see you over the next 100 issues, 1000 issues… Melany George Melany George - Marketing Executive, Hydronix Ltd The news section and the technical articles are really helpful Hydronix launched two “new to the market” digital microwave moisture sensors for the grain industry in 2017 and were looking for the best place to promote them. It needed to be somewhere with a reach across the entire global grain market, both in magazine and online format and with a thorough understanding of the industry. Miller Magazine fulfilled all of these requirements. Although as a company we are relatively new to the grain and milling industry, we have found that the Miller Magazine covers a broad range of technologies across all aspects of the milling spectrum. The news section and the technical articles are really helpful. Not only do they provide up to date information about the latest products but they help Hydronix understand in greater depth other parts of the milling process. This will increase our own knowledge of the industry with the ultimate objective of providing a better service to our customers. We have found that the bi-lingual nature of the magazine, in both Turkish and English, helps us to target areas not covered by other publications. This provides Hydronix with a great opportunity to grow our business in Turkish speaking regions which we consider to be an important market sector. One area that we would like the editors of the magazine to consider in future would be a feature on how important moisture measurement is in grain and milling processes. It not only helps processers to reduce the amount of waste from spoilt materials but also helps to reduce energy costs in drying. Energy reduction is an important aspect that companies are starting to focus on not just for environmental reasons but also in cost reduction. The team at Miller Magazine are really helpful and Hydronix looks forward to continue doing business with you over the next 100 issues. Ahmet Eskiyapan Ahmet Eskiyapan - Deputy CEO, NASA Food Industry and Trade Inc. I find it beneficial I find Miller Magazine beneficial with its content and articles. News coming from all over the world and the articles sent both guide the sector and inform us. I wish you a continued success in this area. Melek Malkoç Melek Malkoç - General Manager, Anamed & Analitik Group “Miller Magazine is a knowledge store that has closed an important gap in the sector” The Miller Magazine has closed an important gap existing in the printed and digital media for milling industry which has a crucial role to meet the nutrition needs of humans. I have been a regular follower of the magazine since its first issue. I do not just leaf through, I read thoroughly and see that its vision is being expanded and messages are becoming more important in every new issue. This is something very important. Publishing is not something like gathering some information and copy & pasting it to complete pages. It requires endeavor and Miller Magazine reflects an ever-increasing endeavor on its pages. I have been observing this phenomenon particularly for the last 5-6 years. Of course, access to the world and information was not easy as it is today. Nevertheless, Miller seems as it has succeeded many things. We are not a generation that grew up with “Uncle Google”. When I was studying for my doctorate and postgraduate, I was working with dusty books in libraries. There were no such magazines then. I think those magazines can be very useful handbooks at universities. My advice for the new generation studying in this discipline is that: “Take this magazine to your houses and put on your bookshelves”. I do the same as a person belonging to another generation. It gives very important information to its readers. I think Miller is very beneficial for our industry and it is a knowledge store that has closed an important gap in the industry. But please do not take it as “mission accomplished.” Of course, the magazine has a long way to go. It should make a point of recognizing Turkey’s needs and raise it for the public opinion. I believe that it will achieve this target in the course of time. You set the bar high with expanding your knowledge in years. But you have to keep the bar higher because you are competing with yourselves. I think you have to cooperate more closely with food and agriculture faculties and publish doctoral theses. Highly beneficial academic texts for wheat and milling sector should not be left on library shelves. The Miller may serve as a bridge to present valuable studies to the attention of the industry. M. Nuri Özşahin - Deputy CEO Genel Mill Machine Miller provides the sector substantial insight First of all, I would like to thank you all for giving me and my company place in such a symbolic issue, the 100th issue of Miller Magazine. Starting its publication twelve years ago, the Miller has guided machine and flour industry throughout its publication cycle. The magazine also plays perhaps a leading role in keeping its finger on the pulse of the sector around the world. The magazine provides the sector substantial insight with its articles and interviews, which the magazine held with experienced people in various sectors. The Miller also functions as a bridge on sharing know-how on new solutions and technologies in the sector. Congratulations Miller!
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