Milleral commissions second line for Tekbaş Flour Mills

19 March 20211 min reading

Milleral, flour milling brand of IMAS, has recently commissioned the second line of Tekbaş Flour Mills in Konya.

flour milling The first line was also built my Milleral some years ago. Each line has the capacity to produce 450 tons of flour, 900 tons in total. The flour extraction rate is 75% to 80%. The mill section consists of 6 floors, while the cleaning and packaging sections consist of 7 floors. MML 25100 and MML 30100 Multimilla roller mills were used in this mill. Pre-cleaning section has a capacity of 100 tons, where a MGSH 120 High Capacity Grain Separator is used. IMAS said the mill is highly automated and energy efficient with automatic dampeners, scales, soft starters for pneumatic motors, automatic stops for silo conveyors and full automation. IMAS also applied its SmartLub automated lubrication system in this project.
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