Mill Design and Selection of Location, Building and Machinery

08 May 20142 min reading
If you operate a flour mill, the last thing you may ask is having a halt in the production as the shortest halt you have may cause serious losses in your production and lower your efficiency in today’s intensely competitive market. An efficient and smooth operation of a production facility is closely related with the accuracy of the feasibility made for that facility, transfer and application of the results obtained that feasibility to the facility design with the smallest detail. No matter in which sector, producers desire nonstop operation of their facilities without causing halts in the production; development, renewal and maintenance of their facilities without interrupting production when necessary as any halt or problem in the production in today’s markets in which there is intense competition can cause serious tangible and intangible losses for the companies. A possible halt is the cause of the start of unwanted situations for flour mills just like for all companies. Having an efficient and smooth production process in a flour mill is mainly related with designing of the mill for the intended purposes; selecting the location, equipment, etc. properly. We discussed major issues that should be taken into consideration in designing a flour mill on this month's issue.
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08 December 20201 min reading

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