Migros starts selling sour yeast bread

05 July 20182 min reading
Turkey’s prominent supermarket chain Migros began to open more bakery ovens to meet the interest in fresh bread. Since 2014, the company increased its investment on “M Ovens,” and opened 527 bakery ovens so far. Investing 45 million dollars at the end of 2018, the company wants to posses 750 bakery ovens.  Migros_Ekmek2 Migros began to sell common bread that was produced using of sour yeast in its many different branches. Prepared with 200-year-old yeast, Migros sell these sour yeast breads with the same price and weight of common bread. The supermarket offers these breads prepared 200-year-old authentic yeast, which was obtained from the durum wheat, at its 1,250 branches. According to its press release, the company plans to sell these bread at all branches. İbrahim Sözen, Marketing Director of Fresh Products at Migros Trade Inc. said in the press release that the company expects one hundred percent increase in its bread sale compared to the last year’s sale. “We wanted to add value to traditional bread with sour yeast. This bread prepared with century-old yeast received huge interest. Our aim is to begin selling breads in all our branches,” Sözen stated. Additionally, since 2014, Migros invested 30 million Turkish liras in “M Ovens” that serve all bakeries hot. During the last year, the company realized about 30 million baked products. With additional investment of 15 million Turkish liras, the company wants to increase the number of M Ovens to 750. In its 527 ovens, Migros sold four million Turkish bagels, 5,5 million of home-made different types of pie, and 10 million loaves of bread during the last year. Accelerating its investment, Migros, which opened an oven in every 1.5 days, aims to increase its ovens.
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