20 May 20192 min reading

The flow sheet is regarded as the most important tool for miller, mill engineer, and even production and quality team. It plays a critical role in the mill performance. The correct diagram is the key to success in grinding. In the success of mill design and diagram, it is crucial how equipment is in line with the objective and to use the equipment with the optimal setting. That’s where the diagrammer comes in. The diagrammer should follow the latest developments in the milling industry and implement them because the importance of some equipment has decreased in line with technological developments and some machine groups play a more vital role.

Grinding technology consists of different processes from taking the grain to the first silo intake to having outputs like flour, semolina and bran. Diagram shows all those steps in a schematic way. Flow diagram is the first stage in the mill’s design stages and is a valuable tool to manage mill successfully. It is one of the factors affecting the profit of the enterprise.

The preparation of the mill diagram is the selection and design of order, types, number, and specification of grinding units by taking into account technical data that specified. The information in the flow sheet tells the miller the equipment capacity and the product allocation for each one, according to the raw material fed and the final products required. By closely analyzing it, the miller is able to make changes to the flow of material and adjust the quality accordingly.

Diagramming requires meeting expectations and needs during installation and post-installation production phases and having the technical knowledge to rapidly adapt to the technology with a new industrial approach to changing circumstances in the milling sector. As technology advances, the importance of some equipment has decreased and some others become more important. The diagrammer should implement these innovations in his/her work.

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