Leading Russian grain exporter Mirogroup changes its name

12 August 20211 min reading

Mirogroup Resources LLC, one of the leading Russian grain exporters, changed its name to Demetra Trading LLC and switched to the brand of the parent company, the Demetra-Holding press service reported on July 22. “The change in the name of the company fits into the process of forming a single corporate outline of the Demetra-Holding Group of Companies and creates a holistic perception of the company as a trading division of the largest Russian grain holding,” the statement says. Along with the name change, the company moves to the new "umbrella" brand "Demetra-Holding", which "reads the idea of a diversified vertically integrated company developing export infrastructure and grain trading." “We are rebranding at the beginning of the new season, before concluding new contracts with our partners. The change of name will in no way affect the existing contractual relations with our counterparties and partners. The obligations of the parties under the previously concluded agreements will not change due to the change of name, ”said Roman Kron, General Director of Demetra Trading. APK-INFORM

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