Largest investment in paddy rice handling and storage facility in Vietnam to be delivered by Skiold

11 October 20183 min reading

Danish-based SKIOLD A/S & Hanh Phuc Rice Jsc. have signed a contract for the construction of the largest paddy rice handling and storage facility ever built in Vietnam. “This project is the largest rice plant we have ever made and one of the largest single orders in Asia.” says Mr. Lasse Viegand Hansen, CEO of SKIOLD.

Largest rice handling and storage facility in Vietnam_SKIOLD Rice

The new high-end paddy rice handling and storage facility will contribute to eliminate the waste of resources, as it will be an updated, modern storage and drying solution focused on leaving a greener footprint. SKIOLD will supply the entire handling and storage facility including a batch unloader solution, cleaning solution, buffer silo with aeration, 40 storage silos (each 4731m3) and conveying solutions for the facility. Annually, the facility will process 120,000 tons of rice, with optional expansion up to 240,000 tons of rice, making it the largest project for SKIOLD in Vietnam and also the largest rice plant ever constructed in Vietnam. The facility will be located in the southern provinces of Dong Thap and Can Tho where rice is traditionally grown at large scale. Choosing to locate the handling plant closer to the rice farms means that less time is spent from harvest to handling which, firstly, has a positive effect on the quality of the rice and, secondly, has a positive impact on Co2 emission due to the shorter transport from field to facility. The SKIOLD Damas Omega cleans the rice and efficiently removes straw, leaves, soil, and other non-paddy materials from the rice. Within the next 24 hours, the paddy is dried to 17 percent in the drying plant. The drying of the paddy within the first 24 hours after harvest is of outmost importance. The quick drying process leaves the rice in the highest quality as it eliminates microbial growth, insects and mycotoxins. The SKIOLD equipment ensures a greener fuel consumption, as paddy husks are recycled as fuel for the plant. The dried high-quality rice is stored in large silos. The project is huge; not only is it a bare-field project, but it also involves the construction of a harbor for the many boats transporting paddy to the plant. “This project is the largest rice plant we have ever made and one of the largest single orders in Asia. Asia is one of our most interesting markets and especially Vietnam has proven to be an important market for us” says Mr. Lasse Viegand Hansen, CEO of SKIOLD A/S.“We have just signed a strategic partnership agreement with Tan Long group, and we look forward to building this state-of-the-art paddy rice facility“ Mr. Hansen ends. SKIOLD A/S is a leading international supplier of technology and solutions for the agricultural sector. The main activities of the company are focused within the fields FEED – equipment for feed production, SEED & GRAIN – equipment for handling of seeds and grain, and PIG & POULTRY – equipment for pig and poultry farms, in Denmark, Europe, CIS, Asia and Oceania. SKIOLD was established in Denmark in 1877.

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