Konya Şeker produces bulghur with Torku brand

06 April 20173 min reading

Torku, the youngest food brand in Turkey, has started producing bulghur. Working with producer partners who are known as the top wheat farmers in Turkey, Konya Şeker has completed its investments for its Bulgur Facility. Torku Çatalhöyük Bulgur will soon meet with consumers with the motto “From the Motherland of Agriculture, to the World.”

konyaseker_bulgurKonya Şeker launches its investment on bulgur facility, after its ‘biscuit, cake and wafer production facility’ and flour facility to utilize the wheat of local farmers. Konya Şeker, expanding its presence on the shelves day by day, fills the gap in the market for traditional products of Turkish culture and continues with its investments to further expand the market. Offering traditional products to domestic and foreign markets, Konya Şeker particularly introduces new flavors to foreign markets to expand the market volume for traditional products. In this framework, Konya Şeker has started production of bulgur under Torku brand, which is one of the first know products in Turkish cuisine and known for its superior nutritional value and health benefits.

RECEP KONUK: “KONYA ŞEKER IS THE PRODUCING POWER OF TURKEY” Recep Konuk, AKP Karaman MP, Chairman of the Parliament Commission of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Affairs and the President of Pankobirlik, evaluated the launch of Torku Bulgur Production Facility, and said Konya Şeker commissioned two other production facilities in the first quarter of 2017 for the farmers in Konya and for the national economy. Konuk said, “Konya Şeker set out with the motto of ‘the producing power of Turkey’. Our side is clear: We are on the side of production and producers. With our investments we will diversify our manufacture and increase our production volume, thus diversifying and increasing the production on the fields. We cannot settle for this. It is our duty to increase the value of the labor of our producers. In this framework, we commission two facilities to process wheat, the traditional product of our producers, in the first months of 2017.”

120 TONNES OF WHEAT WILL BE PROCESSED Torku Bulgur Facility was built in Karapınar and was recently commissioned on an existing area of 120,000 squaremeters, including a project are of 62,000 squaremeters and an indoor area of 24,000 squaremeters. With a wheat storage capacity of 36,000 tonnes, the facility will process 120 tonnes of wheat per day and manufacture 90 tonnes of bulgur. The facility combines traditional production technique with the technology, and its automation system will ensure any type of bulgur with high quality and hygiene standards.

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