Kice celebrates its 75th anniversary

07 April 20213 min reading

Kice Industries, an industry-leading provider of pneumatic conveying, dust control, and aspiration systems, is celebrating its 75th anniversary as a company.

 “I am very proud that as a family-owned company, we have been able to achieve 75 years in business,” said current President and CEO Drew Kice. We could have never achieved this without the hard work and dedication of exceptional people.”

Kice Industries was initially organized as a four-way partnership in 1945 at the end of WWII when J.W. “Bill” Kice and his three sons, Jack, Russell, and Jim, started construction of the first shop building. They started operating as a business in January 1946. At that time, the business was known as Kice Metal Products Company. Kice Industries has solved material handling challenges for customers in many industries, including milling, plastics, food, wood pelleting, bio-fuels, oilseed processing, and recycling.

CFM, Kice’s foundry located 60 miles south of Wichita, just completed a total modernization of its melting capabilities.  Built in 1976, Kice uses 25% of the foundry’s capacity, with the remaining capacity serving a diverse and dedicated customer base.

Kice Automation is a turnkey systems integrator, providing services that include power distribution, controls engineering design, drafting, UL® control panel fabrication, PLC/HMI programming, electrical installation, training, start-up support, and 24/7 on-call support.

“Looking ahead, we are expanding our engineering and project management capabilities with the goal of saying ‘yes’ when customers ask us to handle all aspects of a project, said Drew Kice.  “We look forward to telling our story in more detail soon, but I am excited to leverage 75 years of experience working in thousands of different processing facilities.  I truly believe that we have a unique ability to deliver turn-key solutions in a practical and efficient manner.  We’ve seen it all over the years, and now it’s time to put this knowledge to work.”


To celebrate the 75th anniversary this year, Kice is creating “The Kice Experience,” which will showcase Kice products out in the field in everyday life. Kice customers can submit photos of their equipment at their facility throughout the year on a special page on the Kice website. The Kice Experience and other anniversary content will be promoted on the Kice social media channels with the hashtag #Kice75.

“The past year was the most unique and challenging experience of my career, said Drew Kice.  All the stakeholders in our business – customers, suppliers, employees, employees’ families, and stockholders – rolled up their sleeves and did whatever was needed.  I am excited to put that year behind us and move forward in this anniversary year.  We are going to celebrate and acknowledge all of these people throughout the year.”

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