Kernel to commission two new grain storages next season

13 December 20182 min reading

In the next marketing year, Ukrainian agribusiness Kernel plans to commission grain storages in Bilovody and in Nizhyn region.The Nizhyn elevator will be the largest grain storage in the Kernel infrastructure network. In-take rates will reach 10 thou. tons/day, drying — 5.2 thou. tons/day. The total grain storage capacity will amount to 113 thou. tons. According to Vadim Shelomienko, Head of the Capital Investment Service, there is a trend to increase the in-take and sipping capacity today in the elevator business. Therefore the company places emphasis on technological effectiveness.“For instance, the Nizhyn elevator will be the leader in the company’s elevator network and one of the most powerful in Ukraine for accepting, drying and shipping agricultural products. In particular, in order to reach 10 thou. tons/day in-take rate, we increased the number of lines to four, which will allow us to simultaneously take 2-4 cultures of different quality. We use modern equipment from leading Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers to complete new capacities,” he added. Alexander Volkov, Head of the Railway Transportation Service, notes that the additional capacity will contribute to the work of the teams of the Grain and Oilseeds Procurement Department due to the increased turnover of elevators. This, in turn, will provide the possibility of purchasing additional volume of products.Since the beginning of MY2018/19, as of November 1, the Kernel elevators have accepted more than 2 million tons of grain crops. 73% of the total grain volume, which was delivered to the elevators, was produced by Kernel. LATIFUNDIST

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