Joint Conference by AUSD, GUSAD and DUNSAD

02 October 20192 min reading

Three major associations of the flour industry together will land on Cyprus. Representing a large part of the Turkish flour industry; Association of Anatolian Flour Industrialists (AUSD), Association of Southeastern Flour Industrialists (GUSAD), and Dicle Flour Industrialists’ Association (DUNSAD) will organize a joint conference with the subject “the 2019/2020 Harvest Year and Post-Harvest” in Cyprus.

The joint conference, to which the Ministry of Trade and the Turkish Grain Board will participate, will be organized on 18-20 October 2019 in Cyprus by Association of Anatolian Flour Industrialists, Association of Southeastern Flour Industrialists and Dicle Flour Industrialists’ Association. The domestic and global agenda will be discussed in detail in the meeting on “2019/2020 Harvest Year and Post-Harvest”.

At AUSD, GUSAD and DUNSAD’s joint organization to be organized in Concorde Luxury Resort Hotel in Cyprus, the opening speech of the program will be made by Turkish Grain Board General Manager Ahmet Güldal, Export General Manager Volkan Ağar, GUSAD Chairman Mehmet Mesut Çakmak, AUSD Chairman Ali İhsan Özkaşıkçı, DUNSAD Chairman Veysi Duyan and Cukurova Flour Industrialists' Association Chairman Bekir Bağış. After the opening speeches, Turkish Exporters' Assembly General Secretary Prof. Dr. Kerem Alkin will make a presentation on "Future of the global political economy and trade and their effects on Turkey".

"2019/2020 Harvest Year and Post-Harvest Forecasts” will be evaluated at the panel about the domestic and foreign markets. Veteran businessman Erhan Özmen will guide the participants of the panel which will be moderated by Victam International Turkey and the Middle East Representative Edip Hilmi Aktaş with 'Sectoral Horizon Tour'.

Association of Anatolian Flour Industrialists (AUSD) Chairman Ali İhsan Özkaşıkçı will point out "Production of Turkish wheat and structural problems". General Director of the Russian Institute for Agricultural Market Studies (IKAR) Dimitri N. Rylko and President of Union of Millers of Ukraine Rodion Rybchinskiy will share their perspective on “The Black Sea and Russian Wheat Market” and “Ukrainian wheat market and 2019/2020 Production, Quality, Price, Export markets" respectively.

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