İttifak Holding subsidiaries join MÜSİAD EXPO

02 December 20161 min reading

İttifak Holding participated in MÜSİAD EXPO, which was organized by Independent Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (MÜSİAD) between 9-12 November 2016, with its subsidiaries Selva Gıda, Seha Yapı and İmaş Makine. ittifak

İttifak Holding, which aims to conclude new partnerships in the international arena, participated in MÜSİAD EXPO held this year for the 16th time with its subsidiaries Selva Gıda, Seha Yapı and İmaş Makine. İttifak Holding Deputy Chairman and CEO Tahir Atila said that the fair, which provides international cooperation and partnerships, was fruitful for them.

IMAS MACHINERY PRODUCTS DREW INTEREST While Imas Machinery which is an Anatolian company moving forward to be a global brand draws attention with its innovative solutions for the industry, during the fair the company presented the products of its Milleral, Viteral, Cuteral brands to the potential customers.

On the Fair area, İmaş Makine made highly significant contacts with business people from Algeria, Lebanon, Tunisia, Jordan, Mauritania, Afghanistan, Sudan, and other places in the world.


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