Innovations and demands in milling technologies

04 May 20151 min reading
Dating back to very old times, grain grinding process has covered a long distance in consequence of practices that certain innovative and result-oriented millers have developed through the centuries and it turned to a wide area. The journey that milling technologies have made up until they took their current forms can be counted as the story of change, improvement, focusing on quality, innovative thinking and practicality. Currently, milling technologies offer us faster, more quality and result-oriented options than ever. kapakdegirm  In grain processing sector which is improving all the time, increasing demands of final consumers and fierce competition in the market reflect in the producers who are operating in processing sector and this shapes the expectations of producers about technologies. Expectation of a flour producer from technology is quite different from 10 years ago. Needing less workforce in milling technologies, expanding the controlling area and centralizing it, maximizing the maintenance and repair services both for time and for practicality and of course, one of the key issues of our age, energy-saving form the base line for expectations. Thus, it is inevitable for technology producers to act upon these titles in their R&D studies.
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