Honeywell Flour Mills decides to expand

08 January 20143 min reading
As one of the leading flour mills of Nigeria; Honeywell Flour Mills Plc decided to expand in order to increase its production. As one of the leading flour mills of Nigeria; Honeywell Flour Mills Plc aims further meeting the demand of consumers rather than the need to constantly put competitions. According to the news from Nigerian press; with the unbridled interest of more foreign brands in the market place, competition has taken a new turn in almost all sectors of the Nigerian economy. In recent years, managers have begun to see brand management more as a communication function that includes analysis and planning on how brands could be positioned in the market to connect their targeted members of the public than any other function. To fulfill these functions, the promoters of the Honeywell brand recently begun a process that would make the brand maintains its desired reputation in the market. Speaking shortly after the facility tour of its refreshed world class flour mills in Lagos, the Chief Executive Officer of the Honeywell Flour Mills Plc, Mr. Babatunde Odunayo, said the move to expand the facility was informed by the urgent need to give the consumers the best, so as to sustain those intangible elements that would serve as good experience that consumers could take away from the brand. According to him, the project which was said to have gulped around N10 billion was built to meet the quality standard for which the brand is known for. He stated that investment in expanding the flour mills was proof of Honeywell Flour Mills Plc commitment to ensure that it consistently produces and delivers top quality flour and a range of flour based products for the satisfaction of its valued customers. He said that proof of the company’s commitment is reflected in the award of NIS 9001:2000, the first to be awarded to a flour mill in Nigeria as well as the Mandatory Conformity Assessment Programme (MANCAP) for product quality from Standards Organisation of Nigeria. Odunayo also added that the mills’ automated warehouse which has a capacity to hold about 100,000 bags of 50kg flour is the only one of its kind in Sub Saharan Africa. He said: “The flour mills currently operate on installed capacity of 2,610 tons per day. It also has a wheat storage capacity of about 42,500 tons with a monthly usage of about 40,000 tons. The state-of-art facility has upgraded our production capacity by 63 percent.”
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