Henry Simon endeavors to renew the seasoned mills in the USA

05 January 20184 min reading

Alapala, one of the leading brands in flour milling equipment and mill projects, in cooperation with Satake Corporation in Japan Satake, prominent brand of the world in grain processing technology, re-created the Henry Simon brand. Combining resources, specialties, experiences and sales networks of both groups, the cooperation has brought along various new projects. The company aims to renew the aging mills of America. 


Çağdaş İNGİN

Alapala - Regional Sales Manager

Making Henry Simon brand active again after the strategic partnership between Satake and Alapala has allowed both companies to expand their horizon. Benefiting from the powerful organizational structure of Satake which has manufacturing and sales centers in 11 countries consisting of Japan, USA, Brazil, UK, India, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, China and Australia; Alapala/Satake now have closer direct contact with investors in a wider market place.

We interviewed Mr. Çağdaş İngin, Regional Sales Manager of Alapala at JTIC Fair held in Paris. Cagdas stated that Alapala is a world famous brand and has a strong image. Noting that “Henry Simon” is a brand name of Satake/Alapala and being manufactured primarily in Corum, Turkey. Mr. İngin continued: “Aim of this cooperation is to provide far better after-sales and spare part services with a more powerful organization. We hold two instruments in our hands, one is Henry Simon, and the another one is Alapala. So far, Alapala has produced more than 600 projects in 100 countries. Alapala is already a brand running continuously. By re-launching the brand Henry Simon, we, along with Satake, are becoming a more powerful competitor in the field.”

Specifying that both brands act in coalition, Mr. İngin said, “For example, Henry Simon brand will expand to North America, South Africa, Far East, Australia, South Korea and Japan. Pazarlama çabalarımız ve iyi fiyatta kalite vurgusu, piyasadaki marka ve p Our market efforts and emphasis on quality at a good price have been conducted to ensure brand awareness in the market and make the name of Henry Simon to be strongly known. We are a group not only producing machinery, but also turnkey projects for investors. Alapala is our original brand and continues in many countries. By the Henry Simon collaboration with Satake, we aim to win projects in more developed countries, the key milling groups and at high capacity”.

MILLS IN THE USA ARE AGING Satake/Alapala has invigorated the Henry Simon brand to be more active, especially in North America, Europe and UK. Çağdaş İngin pointed out larger customers in Europe are beholden to the Henry Simon brand. Stating that many mills in the USA have been around a long time with aging equipment; Mr. Engin specified: “A large amount of the mills are still using Henry Simon branded rollermills. Milling companies who desire to renew their older plants consider Henry Simon much more attractive than other lesser known brands. Satake and Alapala have re-invigorated this brand in order to offer Henry Simon to these customers. In addition to offering complete turnkey projects or equipment sales, the Mills will need prompt after-sales service and spare parts support. With our cooperation with Satake, we aim to provide local after-sales services and spare parts support to customers by utilizing the broad network of Satake, while invigorating the Henry Simon brand. Thus, we are able to satisfy any concerns our customers might have. Henry Simon brand is well-known in North America and UK and elsewhere. Satake and Alapala both have very powerful organizations, production capabilities, technical expertise, capacity and infrastructure … all very strong. The merging of these two companies to re-ignite the Henry Simon name has generated excitement for better innovation and healthy completion in the market.”

MORE THAN 600 TURNKEY PROJECTS Established in 1954, Alapala constructs turnkey flour mills, corn mills, rice mills, feed plants, silos and storing systems and steel construction mill buildings. Exporting more than 95 percent of its production and being one of the biggest exporters of Turkey, Alapala has produced more than 600 turnkey projects in over 100 countries so far.

Çağdaş İngin also gave information about the Henry Simon brand machine they exhibited in the JTIC Paris 2017. “We saw the first impact of our cooperation with Satake in rollermills under Henry Simon brand. We have made some innovations to the Henry Simon Rollermill. We use a system measuring product input level. It is exactly the proprietary system of Satake and Alapala. In addition, we established many control points such as temperature control, belt temperature control, belt control, nutrition and nutritional ball control. We made the rollermill more automatic and controllable. This product we exhibited at the fair seemed to be very impressive to the attendees. We received a lot of demands from our customers.”

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