Handling Systems and Pneumatic in Milling

09 November 20172 min reading

Systems used in the handling of wheat and flour in today’s flour factories are divided into two categories as mechanical and pneumatical. Both systems provide various advantages in the handling of products with different densities at different points. Experts emphasize that it is not possible to prefer one against the other. Therefore, what is important while making a preference for handling system is to determine which handling system is advantageous in the handling of each product properly.

kapak_dosyasıIn milling industry, systems used in the removal of wheat -as a raw material- and flour -as a final product- from one point to another within the factory are generally divided into two groups as mechanical and pneumatical handling systems. While mechanical systems are especially preferred for removal of heavy and high-volume products, pneumatical systems stand out in the handling of lighter products with small particle sizes.

Experts state that both systems have advantages and disadvantages and it is not possible to prefer one against the other. Therefore, we see that both systems are used in the handling of different products at different points in the factory in today’s mills.

In this month’s issue of our magazine, although we aim to assess both systems, feedbacks we received were more oriented in pneumatical systems. This shows that there are much more questions about pneumatical systems and this subject draws more attention. We hope that notes of our authors about handling systems will contribute to our readers.

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