Grain prices pleased the farmers

13 August 20142 min reading
Occurring in the free market, wheat and barley prices pleased the Turkish farmer who is having harsh days due to the drought season. Stating that the wheat and barley prices occurred recently in the free market are positive for the farmers, Konya Commodity Exchange (KTB) Chairman Muhammet Ugur Kaleli said that the producers who got sad due to the decreasing yield in the Konya Plain relaxed with these prices. Kaleli gave the following information on the subject in his statement on 11 July: “Yield decreased 30% in the Konya Plain due to the drought; however the wheat prices formed 40% over the TMO intervention prices of the last year together with the effect of increasing quality. 2014 harvest wheat put on Konya Commodity Exchange put Electronic Sales Hall is traded between 850 and 1.050 TL per ton. The prices are above the ones in the last year. For instance; Anatolian Red Hard wheat, which was traded at 720 TL last year, is recently traded at 965-1.050 TL at our exchange. These prices are good for the producer with losses in the yield to balance his income together with the increase in the free market. TMO gave the right decision by not announcing the intervention price against this situation occurred in the free market.
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