Grain industry giants gather at IDMA Istanbul

03 May 20246 min reading

IDMA, one of the biggest meeting points of the milling machinery, cereals and pulses processing industry in the world, opened its doors to exhibitors and visitors yesterday. High-level participants attracted attention at the fair where the best examples of public-industry-academia cooperation were exhibited. The participation of the presidents of the top associations of flour, feed and pasta industrialists, one of the leading sectors of agriculture, in the opening ceremony was appreciated as a measure of the interest in the fair. TUSAF President Haluk Tezcan, TÜRKİYEMBİR President Ülkü Karakuş and TMSD President Aykut Göymen cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony.

DMA Istanbul, organized for the 10th time this year, attracted visitors from every continent of the world. More than 300 participating companies exhibited their latest products and had the opportunity to meet one-on-one with visitors and provided information about their products and services. More than 60 sectoral unions and federations participated in the opening ceremony of the fair, which was attended by Ahmet Güldal, General Manager of Turkish Grain Board (TMO), Dida Gardera, Deputy Minister of Food and Agricultural Trade of Indonesia, Haluk Tezcan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Turkish Flour Industrialists Federation (TUSAF), Ülkü Karakuş, President of Turkish Feed Industrialists Association (TÜRKİYEM), Igor Sviridenko, President of Russian Flour Mills and Grain Enterprises Association, Leading names of the sector such as Aykut Göymen, President of Turkish Pasta Industrialists’ Association (TMSD), Zeki Demirtaşoğlu, President of Association of Milling and Sector Machinery Manufacturers (DESMÜD), Suncica Savovic, Director of Serbian Grain Association, Moulay Abdelkadir Alalaoui, President of Moroccan Flour Industry Federation, Rodion Rybchinskyi, President of Ukrainian Millers’ Association, Dr. Mahmoud Riyad, Secretary General of Egyptian Milling Association and Prof. Dr. Mustafa Bayram, Chairman of TABADER Board of Directors.

M. Ali Kalkan
Chairman HAGE

Making the first speech of the opening ceremony, M. Ali Kalkan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of HAGE, said: “I am happy and excited to be organizing the 10th edition of such an organization in our beloved city of Istanbul as the meeting point of civilizations. We feel the power and support of the industry behind us as we make IDMA an international fair, which we will continue to organize in Indonesia and Russia.”

In his speech at the opening ceremony, which started with an intense interest, TMO General Manager Ahmet Güldal stated that IDMA fairs are no longer limited to Istanbul and that they have now announced their clear steps to open up to the world. Mr. Güldal said, “IDMA is now continuing its success by expanding abroad with the initiatives of Ali Kalkan. I believe that this fair, which brings together the assets that add value to agriculture, will be very successful. I am also bringing you the greetings and success wishes of our Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Mr. İbrahim Yumaklı.”


Dida Gardera

One of the speakers at the opening ceremony was Dida Gardera, Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Indonesia. Stating that agriculture is key to Indonesia’s economy, Deputy Minister Gardera said: “We have not yet reached the point we have targeted in terms of food security in Indonesia. We believe that the issue of food safety will be solved significantly with technology. Fairs such as IDMA serve to exhibit the latest technologies in this sense. IDMA, which was also organized in Jakarta last year, has very serious work to do in Indonesia in the context of food safety and technology.”

Haluk Tezcan, Chairman of Turkish Flour Industrialists Federation (TUSAF), also expressed his feelings and thoughts at the opening ceremony. Tezcan said, “We think it is very important that the machinery manufacturers of our milling sector are developing with us and presenting these beauties to the world in the world markets. As flour industrialists, we continue to export flour all over the world.” Tezcan continued his words as follows: “We attach great importance to R&D and P&D. We see that these fairs shed light on us in terms of new developing technologies and that much better work can be done in this way.”

Sunčica Savović

Sunčica Savović, Director of Serbian Grain Association, also expressed her views on IDMA Istanbul. Savović said, “I am happy to come together with you after 5 years within the scope of IDMA Istanbul, which is such a big organization in the field of grain processing. It is an event organized with a very large participation and really perfectly organized.”

Dr. Mahmoud Riad, Secretary General of the Egyptian Milling Association, stated that IDMA is unique in its field. Stating that they are very proud to participate in IDMA Fair for the fourth time, Riad said, “I would like to thank Mr. Ali Kalkan, Chairman of HAGE, for his support to the Egyptian Milling Association.”


During the protocol speeches, Ülkü Karakuş, President of Turkish Feed Industrialists, which is the umbrella organization of the feed industry of the country, also came to the stage. Karakuş, emphasized the importance of IDMA Istanbul being organized in cooperation with TABADER and said, “As we open up to the world, we have the chance to observe the importance of the public, academia and industry working in cooperation in a much better way. In this context, fairs such as IDMA, which provide significant added value, are extremely important. I applaud everyone who contributed.” In his speech, Mr. Karakuş stated that Turkish machinery manufacturers produce at a high level in terms of technology and said: “I am proud to say that you can export the latest technology products of the companies taking part in the fair to anywhere in the world with peace of mind.”

Aykut Göymen, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Turkish Pasta Industrialists’ Association (TMSD), expressed his ‘endless thanks and congratulations’ to Ali Kalkan for organizing IDMA. Göymen gave information about the Turkish pasta sector and said, “Turkey is the second in the world in pasta exports. We only use durum wheat used in pasta production domestically. I would like to thank TMO President Mr. Ahmet Güldal and the officials of the Ministry of Agriculture. for their contributions.”

Igor Sviridenko, President of the Russian Association of Flour Mills and Grain Enterprises, provided information about the Russian agricultural industry and thanked IDMA for its contribution to the cooperation between Turkish and Russian companies in the field of flour milling.

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