GPC Pesident: “Food crisis is around the corner”

09 November 20172 min reading

The president of Global Pulse Confederation (GPC) Hüseyin Arslan warned that the world is on the verge of a global food crisis.

huseyin_arslanThe president of Global Pulse Confederation (GPC) Huseyin Arslan said that a food crisis on global level is approaching because of the shrinkage in cultivable land due to the rapid increase in world population, global warming and climate change. Stating that climate change may cause differences in product range, Arslan said that governments have to plan their agricultural production paying regard to characteristics of deir climate and soil in this process. President Arslan drew attention to the rapid increase in world population and emphasized that blooming global population will reach to 9,5 billion and global food demand will increase by 60%.

According to United Nations (UN) data, the number of people affected from hunger is 815 million. On the other hand, 1,4 billion persons are either over-weight or obese. “There is hunger on one side of the picture, and on the other side 1,4 tons of food runs to waste. This is a disaster,” said Arslan calling attention to the contradiction.

GPC President Arslan pointed out that global warming and climate change oblige the improvement of new seeds and said that, “World countries concentrate on R&D works for improving new seeds that needs less watering, that are drought-tolerant and disease resistant and of which yield is high on the purpose of increasing the level of production”. Arslan remarked that it is not a necessity for a country to produce all kinds of products and added, “We have to cultivate the products that we are good at in terms of rivalry and keep this sustainable”.

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