GMach invests in flour plant in Mali

10 August 20172 min reading

Gmach has commissioned its flour plant in Mali, which has been built on turnkey basis with a capacity of processing 200 tons of wheat per day. 

gmachOne of the leading representatives of the milling technologies industry, Gmach has commissioned a plant in full capacity, which was completed in 9 months, including construction and machinery application, for a company which operates in flour trade in Mali. The company applied to Gmach to establish a more efficient flour plant with the latest technology on turnkey basis, and now is a player in the industry with its installed modern plant operating with 100% efficiency and capacity, using the latest technology.

SAVINGS ON LABOUR AND COSTS The flour plant, which is built with a steel construction system, includes machinery and construction, installation of laboratories and storage silos. The 5-storied flour milling plant, which has a capacity to process 200 tons of wheat per day, is equipped with full automation system, automatic blending, automatic dampening, yield and carousel bagging systems. With this automation system, the company will ensure significant savings in labour and costs. Thus the company will operate with his profitability, becoming more competitive on the market.

SMOOTH, QUALITY AND FAST-OPERATING PLANT Gmach, which completed the installation of 5-storied steel construction building in five months, and the machinery installation in four months, said: “We completed the 5-storied steel construction flour plant in Mali in 9 months, including steel construction building elements, interior wheat and conditioning silos, interior flour and bran silos, roof and facade panel coating and machinery assembly. We are proud to have installed a seamless, quality and fast-operating plant for our customer.”

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