Gericke’s GCM mixer saves space, time and energy

11 June 20192 min reading

In its 125 years of history, Gericke has often been the leader in the development and implementation of sustainable and energy saving technologies, sometimes years before attention was drawn to these topics.

Saving of energy and other resources are a key driver in the design of machines and complete processes. Gericke is a leading supplier of dense phase conveying systems as well as continuous mixing plants. Both technologies can have a significant impact when it comes to saving energy. Dense phase conveying systems have proven not only the potential to gently convey fragile goods in many installations. The system design perfected by Gericke also limits the use of conveying air, directly reducing the consumption of air and energy. Continuous mixers like Gericke’s GCM are in many applications a perfect alternative to the classic batch mixers, saving space, time and most of all energy. The potential energy saving can be more than 80%!

Also a long service life of the equipment helps to save raw materials and energy associated with the production, transport and installation of equipment. Gericke machines have been known to be in daily use for 50 years and more. QUALITY, ETHICS AND SAFETY EXTERNALLY CERTIFIED Beside ISO 9001/2015 and 14001/2015 Gericke is also certified for responsible sourcing following SEDEX requirements (SMETA 4 Pillars). As a supplier of equipment for use in hazardous areas, Gericke knows how to design systems following international standards such as ATEX and IECEx. Avoidance of accidents and high product and production safety are also key aspects in the designs and the use of such systems by many well-known global companies prove the trust in Gericke’s expertise.

The Swiss Gericke Group has been designing and manufacturing equipment and systems for modern bulk material processes, as well as providing design and consultation services for 125 years. Gericke bulk materials processing technology can be found throughout the world in many sectors including the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, plastics and construction material industries. Gericke’s fully owned group companies employ more than 300 experienced professionals and are located in Switzerland, Germany, Great Britain, The Netherlands, France, USA, Brazil, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and China.

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