Gericke delivers pneumatic conveying systems to transport rice

20 April 20212 min reading

Gericke has designed and delivered several dense phase conveying systems for transporting dry rice to filling lines. These systems fully preserve the quality of the fragile rice grains and increase the overall process safety and reliability.

 For a major food producer Gericke had the challenge to replace mechanical transport systems with pneumatic conveying systems. The goal was to prevent any foreign bodies often associated with mechanical systems and at the same time not to change the grain sizes of the various rice types for example long grain, basmati and risotto rice.

During the evaluation phase Gericke demonstrated conveying trials that replicated the clients process at its major test facility in Regensdorf (Switzerland) that a low velocity dense phase plug conveying system is perfectly suited to smoothly convey rice over distances of up to 70 m. The achieved product quality convinced the customer as well as the fact that no external air injection system was required.

In order to achieve the best product quality a continuous conveying system using a twin pressure vessel system, PTAD was chosen, as no expansion cycle with increased velocities could occur. The vessel sizes were also kept small to satisfy the limited available height below the existing collecting hopper, from which the different rice types are filled by the upstream process.

Several conveying systems type PTAD are now delivering rice to the packaging lines which are located 20 m to 70 m away and at capacities from 6 t/h to 15 t/h.

About Gericke

The Swiss Gericke Group has been designing and manufacturing equipment and systems for modern bulk material processes, as well as providing design and consultation services, for more than 125 years. Gericke bulk materials processing technology can be found throughout the world in many sectors including the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, plastics and construction material industries.

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