Genç Değirmen is renewing the world with solar energy

06 March 20184 min reading

Genç Değirmen has integrated nature-friendly energy systems into its production facility in order to provide a viable, clean environment for future generations. With the photovoltaic panels located on the roof of the facility, now they provide all the electricity needs from solar energy plant. They also enable the access of houses and factories around to the excess energy through transmitting it to the electric network.


Rapid population growth across the world, rapid depletion of resources and practices harming the nature constitute a major concern for the future. The thought of leaving a greener world to the next generations is the vital target that the whole world needs to prioritize. Unfortunately, nowadays not every company shows sensitivity on this vital subject and some ambitions could take precedence over protecting the nature. Fortunately, there are some companies which consider that issue as their task in this respect. One of them is Genç Değirmen.

The company, which has made a name for itself at home and abroad, has decided to invest in projects that can generate electricity from solar energy and it has been applied quickly. We listened to the story of this investment from A. Kerim Selek, Chairman of Genç Değirmen, who served over 28 years in Konya’s flour and semolina mills.

Genç Değirmen was established in 1990. It offers solutions for flour and semolina production facilities on the area of 30.000 square meters now. It exports to 54 countries thanks to its dealer network all over the world. “Thanks to our machine park which we enriched with high technology, we realized error-free production in more than 350 projects, we continue to realize it,” says Mr. Selek.

Underlining that as Genç Değirmen they think their mission is not just to produce and export, Mr, Selek expressed the process that led them to that solar investment as follows: “We have always selected the respectful production of the environment as the baseline. We rank leaving a viable and a clean environment for future generations among on our duties. At this point, we have seen the necessity that we should make a big breakthrough. Because the world is not in an environmental position that we can ignore anymore. The resources are not enough, the green areas are diminishing and the future looks a bit hazy in this sense. We have integrated one of the most effective nature friendly energy systems into our productions: Electricity production through a Solar Energy Plant. With the photovoltaic panels located on the roof of our facility, now we provide all our electricity needs from this power plant. We also enable the access of houses and factories around to the excess energy through transmitting it to the electric network. It is a very pleasing project for us. Nothing else can provide us the same motivation that we feel when making something for the future.

In addition to this, Genç Değirmen now provides all of its electricity needs from this system and even started to provide. They also offer a project to their customers, including a solar power plant, according to their wishes and the availability of the facility. “We made a cooperation protocol with Solimpeks of Turkey’s largest companies at this point. In other words, the project is from us, acceptance from our customers, application from Solimpeks and Genç Değirmen cooperation. On this count, we will take steps to save more trees, collectively to support a greener world. The sun is such a valuable source that it produces enormous power. Therefore, we can support the benefit of the surrounding houses and businesses by working with the excess energy generated in the power plant, online and integrated with the network. In the first step, we are talking about the power to save 85,000 trees.” says Mr. Selek.

THE PLANT PROVIDES 1.600.000 KWh of ENERGY ANNUALLY Solar energy plant is the largest roof-top project in the MEDAŞ region. It was built using 3,456 monocrystalline photovoltaic panels at 325 watts with HIT technology capable of generating 1 MW of energy per hour. It is expected to produce 1.600.000 KWh of energy annually. This will provide electricity for about 600 households, 1,200 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) will be prevented from the atmospheric oscillation.

GENÇ DEĞİRMEN TO GET GOLD STANDARD CERTIFICATION Selek also tells us Genç Değirmen’s future targets. “Our goal is always the same. A healthier environment, a greener production, more customers to present this project and to continue our path together with Solimpeks. Because the more you prefer nature friendly, the better tomorrow it is. We have also begun work on the Gold Standard Certification for renewable energies within the framework of the Kyoto Protocol. So this is just a start for us. There are companies that choose nature friendly, renewable energy, and we have hand in it.”

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