Gavilon rebrands to Viterra

01 April 20232 min reading

Viterra Limited announced it has officially re-branded Gavilon Agriculture Investment, Inc. (Gavilon) to Viterra. The re-branding comes after Viterra closed its acquisition of Gavilon on 3 October 2022. Gavilon will be known as Viterra and the Viterra brand will be implemented across the business in the United States and Mexico.

“Today is an important milestone in the integration of Gavilon into our global network, as we adopt the Viterra brand across the Gavilon business,” said David Mattiske, CEO of Viterra.  “Operating under one brand globally provides us with consistency across our network, allowing us to fully leverage Viterra’s reputation as an industry leader.”

Viterra operates in 37 countries, with a fully integrated agriculture network connecting producers and consumers to supply sustainable, traceable and quality-controlled agricultural products.  With the acquisition of Gavilon, Viterra now has a material presence in every major exporting region in the world.

“Our team has been working hard to ensure the smooth integration of Gavilon into the Viterra network. We are pleased to officially welcome our Gavilon colleagues to the Viterra team, and under one banner, we look forward to providing our customers with the same high level of service they know from Gavilon,” added Mattiske. “Together, we look forward to further growth and investment in our network as we continue to connect the agriculture industry.”

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