Foreign Trade Training for bulghur producers

08 March 20172 min reading

Gaziantep Commodity Exchange (GTE) organized ‘Basic Foreign Trade Training’ for its members included in UR-GE project of bulghur and legumes sector.

bulgur_disticaretegitimi87Gaziantep Commodity Exchange (GTE) organized ‘Basic Foreign Trade Training’ for its members included in the project within the scope of UR-GE project of Bulghur Legumes Sector which was also supported by the Ministry of Economy. Cengiz Özcan, Foreign Trade Specialist, gave information about transactions of export operations in training in which Enver Çokay, who is GTE Vice President, Özgür Bayram who is GTE Secretary General and representatives of 23 companies producing bulghur attending UR-GE project. Özgür Bayram, GTE Secretary General, making explanation about the last phase of the UR-GE project and studies that were made before training, stated that “Lastly, we held meeting of ‘Bulghur and Legumes Sector Requirement Analysis’ regarding our UR-GE project within January of this year. Strategic Road Map of the sector was determined in bilateral negotiations made with our Company representatives and survey studies. While target countries of bulghur were determined as Germany and Saudi Arabia, African countries were included within basic markets that we did not ignore”. Cengiz Özcan, Foreign Trade Specialist, made explanations about subject of the foreign trade, reflections of international economic relations to foreign trade and risks in the foreign trade in training program. Özcan, who also informed company representatives taking part in UR-GE project with international commercial documents, stated that used document number is more than 200.

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