Flour Fortification and Flour Additives

04 November 20152 min reading
It is stated that more than 800 million people suffer from malnutrition and various health issues related with this. The problems caused by malnutrition enabled flour which is one of the most consumed nutrients in the world to be fortified. Flour fortification is applied in many regions as an effective and economic method in providing major vitamins and minerals that are under consumed by a vast majority of public. kapak71 Both fortifying flour with vitamins and minerals and being added to flour for some reasons are one of the most discussed issues today. Flour additives are preferred in production of bakery products as they provide various advantages. Vitamins and minerals that are used for fortification has a more different and important intended purpose. Most of the international institutions advise flour fortification; they even work for this in various parts of the world because in the most parts of the world there are significant problems about malnutrition and people cannot take vitamins and minerals required for a healthy physical development in natural nutrition conditions. This brought forward the idea of fortifying flour which is the most common nutrient in the world with vitamins and minerals. You can reach the ideas of related experts in articles and interviews in cover story.
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