Fine-tuning a proven machine

14 October 20194 min reading

Sometimes very litte is necessary to make something good great. The all new improvised purifier Norit builds on the success of the Puromat MQRF that has proven itself over the decades.

Purifier Norit MQRH

Along with the roller mill and the plansifter, the purifier is one of the key equipment in any modern flour, durum or maize mill.

A semolina purifier removes the last bits of bran with sieves and air flow from the intermediate product after the first grinding pass in the roller mill and the first sorting in the sifter.

After the purifier, the cleaned semolina arrives in the finished product silos, or is sent for the further grinding to the roller mills of passes to make the finest flours. Whether wheat, durum or maize: The semolina purifier is responsible for the ultimate quality of the end product in any mill:

For processing common wheat for optimal yield of the lightest flours, for durum wheat to make the best semolina for high-grade pasta, or for maize to prepare excellent semolina for different kinds of end products.


Bühler has been offering a reliable, high performing and economical semolina purifier for years: the Puromat MQRF which has proven itself in everyday operation.

Now, as the successor to the Puromat, Bühler is presenting the completely revised semolina purifier Norit MQRH, a new machine for the reliable and consistent purifying of all kinds of semolina.

The new purifier has a streamlined and well-thought out design while focusing on what’s essential. Special attention has been given to the further improvement of food safety and sanitation.

All parts of the purifier which come into contact with the product are made of stainless steel or other food safe materials - including the sieve frames. Norit is equipped with the proven Bühler NovaPrime sieve cloth.

Made of polyamide (PET) plastic yarn, it provides highest accuracy in terms of mesh size and uniformity over time. Just what you need to extract purest semolina in your daily operation.

Lastly, the design of the product intake was optimized and undesirable dead space eliminated. New rotary switches mean that the air flow can also be individually adjusted without tools.


Semolina purifiers from Bühler use air and a thrusting movement for cleaning during handling of the product. They stand on rubber springs that are subject to a certain wear and need to be routinely inspected and replaced.

The new semolina purifier Norit MQRH now stands on just three instead of four rubber springs.

This improves the accessibility under the machine and thus cleaning and servicing. In addition, the three-point support reduces the tendency to drift, which has a positive effect on the efficiency of the machine.

A display indicates the status of the rubber springs and proactively reports when it is time to exchange them.


The new semolina purifier Norit MQRH by Bühler has the same capacity range as the proven predecessor model. The three sieve decks with a sieve surface of two-times 460mm x 2000mm and different mesh sizes allow up to three tons of semolina to be cleaned per hour.

The semolina purifier Norit is available as a single or double model. The advantages of the double model: Double the cleaning capacity can be installed on the same surface area.

With the double model, the stacked units are connected by bent pipes, which are made of stainless steel to ensure top sanitation. The new design of the double machine ensures that both machines are optimally accessible.

A track encircling them serves as a support for a ladder so that it can be freely placed. Not needing an additional frame means unobstructed access to the lower machine.

The new semolina purifier Norit has the same connection dimensions as the predecessor model, ensuring an easy replacement of the machine possible.

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