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07 September 201611 min reading

R. S. Choyal: “In today’s highly competitive business environment, there is tremendous pressure on organizations to offer quick and effective customer support. Providing technical support from the comfort of the office allows us to resolve nearly 80% of all technical issues encountered, and subsequently saves the time and money. The use of remote desktop software has clearly reduced costs and increased customer satisfaction due to the quick response time.”

choyalThis month we have R.S. Choyal, Executive Director of Shri Vishvakarma (Emery Stones) Industries Private Limited, or Choyal in short. Choyal started its journey in 1965 and since then the company has been focusing on excellence both in quality and productivity. Offering turnkey project solutions, from concept to commissioning, layouts to detailed engineering, the company provides production cost savings - up to 40% , reduced labor dependence, digitally assisted operation and quality control, benchmarked data collection. We take the details from R.S. Choyal.

Mr. Choyal, Shri Vishvakarma (Emery Stones) Industries Private Limited is one of the leading companies in milling technologies industry. Could you please tell us the history of Shri Vishvakarma (Emery Stones) Industries Private Limited (Choyal) and how it headed to its success? With over 52 Years of experience in the field of grinding and milling, we, Choyal, proudly serve more than a million customers across the globe through our huge dealer network. Shri Vishvakarma (Emery Stones) Industries Private Limited was established by B.M. Choyal and R.D. Sharma in 1965. Both divine personalities paved the path to industrialization in India by seeding pioneering businesses in the sector of Flour mills & emery stones. We introduced the Flourmills & Emery Stones by exporting for the first time from India in the global market in 1970. In 1977, the unit decided to incorporate the same as Private Limited Co. under the name & style of Shri Vishvakarma (Emery Stones) Industries Pvt. Ltd. Since then, we have been focusing on excellence both in quality and productivity. We are also into turnkey projects where success is measured by ability to complete projects effectively and efficiently within time and budgets. We continuously endeavor in our services and client satisfaction with cost effective solutions.

Could you talk about Choyal’s technological solutions? We know that you offer stone mill solutions to your customers. Could you please tell us about the reason behind choosing stone mill? And also could you inform us about stone mill solutions? In India, stone mills are called chakki mills. In India, chakki milling is almost same as stone milling in the Western world. There are two type of milling methods in practice that are roller mills and stones mills. India, African Countries and some of the European countries prefer stone mills over the Roller Mills. We are one of the oldest and largest manufacturers and exporters of Emery Stones and Stones mills. Being pioneer of the industry and in this technological scenario of the grain milling world, we wanted to come up with new products in the flour milling industry and finally after the continuous efforts with zeal and dedication towards our research, we invented the new product in the flour milling industry which is “Digitally Controlled Stone Mill (Chakki Mill) with Controller”.

Wonder Mill with Wonder Miller is the World’s first fully automated touch screen integrated Stone mill. Wonder Mill with Wonder Miller is a Milling Machine which is designed to Save Power, to Increase production and to improve the quality as well. Wonder Mill also integrates many other good features like easy operation, very less requirement for human interface, high precision, advanced performance, benchmarked data and so on. The Wonder Mill has been created to make the grinding more pleasant, quieter, cleaner and easier.

What can you say about the innovations, and innovative solutions that you have brought to the milling industry with your history of more than 50 years? We are also showing our hands in innovations and innovating the technology savvy products and mould the flour mill manufacturing industry into different shape. We have innovated India’s first fully automated touch screen integrated Emery Stone Manufacturing System: BRITA - Touch Screen integrated Digitally Controlled Emery Stone Manufacturing System. We are able to do innovations in this field; as a result, we have developed many unique products: Wonder Mill - Fully Automatic Digital Stone Flour Mill (Chakki), Wonder Miller - Touch Screen enabled Control device for Stone Flour Mill (Chakki), Miller Lite - Touch Screen enabled Software for controlling the Complete Plant, Automatic Stone Dresser Machine - For dressing of Emery Stones, Choyal Support - Web Enabled Control & support system for Wonder Mills, Wonder Drop: PLC controlled Water dampening system for whole Wheat Flour Plants, 10 Variants for 750 mm Stone Mills for various type of needs…

Could you give us some information about your place in Indian industry, in global milling industry, and your share in milling market? We are the largest manufacturer of emery stones in India; we are proud at our sound and loyal dealer network; we have more than 200 dealers and sub-dealers across the globe. Here again we prove our ethical business practices by having dealers associated with us since our inception. Association of dealers for such a long time is result of trust, policy, service and quality.

Could you inform us about your organization abroad? In which countries do you have agencies, partnerships or offices? Globally renowned as the leading Indian source for Flour mills and Emery Stones, SVIPL meets the requirements of many quality conscious Global Market and Exporting Flour Mills & Emery Stones in more than 20 countries i.e., European , African, American, Middle East & Gulf countries since last 43 years and becoming a pioneer in the world of Flour Mills & Emery Stones. We have installed many turnkey solutions for global renowned groups like Carr’s Flours from Maldon, UK, Prima Cylone Ltd. Sri Lanka, Bhakresa Group Tanzania. We have tie-ups with Bran Scan Ltd. in London, Ture Pvt. Ltd. in Ethiopia, Eficaz Resources Pvt. Ltd. in Singapore. It is very important to keep production continuous for the industries like milling, in which the competition is intense and time is precious. Therefore a possible failure should be overcome as soon as possible. Could you please give us some information about the technical services that Choyal offers to its customers? For instance, how much time does it take to provide technical service to the farthest place? In today’s highly competitive business environment, there is tremendous pressure on organizations to offer quick and effective customer support. We have realized that the most effective and time-saving way to deal with most of the customers’ issue is to offer them remote support. Providing technical support from the comfort of the office allows us to resolve nearly 80% of all technical issues encountered, and subsequently saves the time and money which would otherwise be spent on going on-site to tend to minor issues such as updating a customer’s settings or installing required software. Clearly, not all issues could be resolved remotely and on-site visits are still required. However, the use of remote desktop software has clearly reduced costs and increased customer satisfaction due to the quick response time.

We provide also Choyal Remote Support which CRS Wonder Mill Remote Support Information System. The primary purpose of integrating Remote Support Information System to PLC controlled Wonder Mill is to provide seamless remote support to the Flour Mills without any human intervention at customer side. With automated support, service organizations can make their services available to their customers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, by monitoring alarms, identifying problems at an early stage and resolving issues before they become problems. Automated assisted support enables remote access to sites that need instant problem solving. By automating the collection of information of devices and applications coexisting with the supported application, problems can be quickly detected and fixed.

As you know, another significant issue for an effective production process is training. No matter how developed or successful they are, if the technologies that you produce cannot be utilized usefully, reaching the target will be difficult. Do you provide training for the staff who will work in production after you complete the installation of a factory or machine? Could you give us some information about your works on this issue? Yes, we do have the solution for this vital issue. We provide training to customer’s personnel and also work on the development of new skilled workforce for the industry. Therefore we have come up with CSMT (Choyal School of Milling Technology). We aim at promoting purposeful skill oriented technical education for the youth in India. The organization implements its program of technical training through its training center and on – job training in production center. The institute offers various courses to cover a wide spectrum of technical manpower through Certificate & Diploma courses. The Certificate & Diploma courses offered by CSMT are well accepted by Milling Industries & Institutes in the industries for employment. Training facilities in the above fields call for sophisticated machinery and equipment to keep pace with the developments elsewhere in the world. CSMT has thoughtfully built up its faculty and training facilities to ensure that these qualities are maintained for imparting technical training to the youth.

In Choyal International School of Milling Technology, we offer an unrivalled range of qualifications in almost all industry aspects; we have 51 years of working experience in Manufacturing Flour Mills & Emery Stones, a global benchmark for excellence, world class machinery and state of the art equipment, innovations & development of techno savvy products is our continuous process. Applying rapid changes and innovative developments in digital technologies to milling industry must be quite difficult and require serious R&D studies. Could you tell us about Choyal’s works on this issue? Could you give us some information about your R&D studies and the budget you prepared for these studies? Could you tell us which issues you focus on for R&D studies? Choyal announced the establishment of the first R&D Centre in India in 2012, the foundation stone for the new Centre was unveiled on 07th August 2012 in Arjun Pura District. Ajmer, Rajasthan India. Foundation Stone was laid by B.M. Choyal, founder of Choyal Group , S.G.Sharma Managing Director, SVIPL commented that the event not only marked Choyal's continuing long-term commitment to R&D, but also celebrated the building Choyal's first R&D Centre. He mentioned that the R&D Centre would allow Choyal to offer consumers in India and beyond, the choice of energy efficient grinding machines. Establishment of an R&D Centre would be an additional competitive advantage. It would help accelerate the Company’s growth and at the same time contribute towards developing new technologies and power saving machines in the Milling Industries. Choyal R&D Centre is commitment to becoming a leader in offering its customers a lower cost of energy saving products. To this end, it plans a 20 to 30 % reduction in the cost of energy by 2014, and a 40 % reduction by 2017.

Could you tell us about the innovations that you have developed recently and the advantages & gains that these innovations provided to the industry? What are the new technologies that you offer to the millers in the following period? We are introducing Wonder Drop, a semi-automatic dampener system for all your water dampening needs. Inbuilt grain feed control system is coupled with water feed control system. The Wonder Drop ensures consistent quality. Wonder Drop is designed for the control of different grains and user-friendly interface, and easy to maintain system. The expected water addition and the current moisture of grain can be set initially on the HMI of the automatic dampening system. The original grain flow and water flow data is detected by the system and sent to the PLC which calculates the water and grain flow intelligently.

Its key features: • Integrated volumetric grain flow controller. • Easy maintenance and incredibly economical yet reliable. • Available in Semi Auto and Fully Automatic variants. • Extensive applicability among all the grains. • Plug and play operation • Wi-Fi enabled

What do you think about the reasons that millers choose the technologies of Choyal? What kind of advantages and gains does a miller have when he/she prefers Choyal in order to renovate its technology or establish a new plant? In short, what do you promise to the millers? We offer turnkey project solutions, from concept to commissioning, layouts to detailed engineering, incorporating a variety of technical and non-technical services and processes. A service that helps customers to get exactly what they want without stretching limits. Choyal offers turnkey solutions for micro-mini modules of 20 TPD to 600 TPD Capacities.

What would you like to add about your future plans? We, at Choyal, are always looking forward and pioneer in the field of grain milling equipment & grinding solutions. We are also coming up with new innovation in the flour grinding sector which will not only change the entire picture of flour grinding sector in entire world but also provide the options of top milling industries regarding Chakki grinding technology. Our R&D team finally prepared with their long time efforts and endeavor towards our research and innovate the new product and that is “Wish Mill” & “Double Decker”.

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