EIU: Majority of the world retrogressing in food security

09 November 20172 min reading

Sixty per cent of the countries seem to worsen in terms of food security according to the Global Food Security Index developed by Economist Intelligence Unit.

economistEconomist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has announced its annual report for 2017 on food security, examining the dynamics of food systems all over the world. Global Food Security Index (GFSI) numbers show that Ireland has the highest score in terms of food security. This country is followed by USA and UK while African countries attracted attention with their poor performance and increasing need for food aid.

It is seen that more than half of the countries were on the decline with regard to GFSI which measures investments, cooperation, policies of 113 countries. The worsening was attributed to increasing immigration and the decrease in private sector investments.

Being considered among the countries that were performing ‘well’, Turkey was ranked as the 49th out of 113 countries. When examining regional ranking, it is seen that Turkey is the 8th country in terms of GFSI among 15 countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

This year ‘Natural Resources’ and ‘Resistance’ factors were also included in the calculation of the index which was consisting of three factors as ‘Affordability’, ‘Accessibility’, and ‘Quality’ as of the previous year since 2012. This year’s report showed that strong categories of Turkey were quality, accessibility, and affordability respectively.

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