Depart grew by 60 percent in 2017

07 February 20182 min reading

Depart, which is taking rapid and firm steps forward becoming a “One Stop Shop” for customers in the mill spare parts industry, increased its turnover by 60% and the number of customers by 48% in 2017.


Depart, a spare part supplier under the umbrella of Alapala Group, has been rapidly growing. Depart Sales Manager Cengiz Tiryakioğlu said, “2017 was a year in which our targets were achieved with our sales strategies and our growth performance continued at full steam. We continued to increase our market share, and as a result, we became the distributor of five different companies. In addition, we increased the number of countries we export to 70 in 2017. We are able to respond quickly to orders thanks to our large spare parts stock. As Depart with our strong distribution network, we aim to meet customers’ needs in the most economical and fastest manner in Turkey and all over the world. After Zambia, we opened our second overseas warehouse in Mongolia in order to achieve this goal.” Drawing attention to the targets of the year 2018, Mr. Tiryakioğlu predicts 40% increase in both of sales target and number of customers, while planning to open new warehouses in strategic regions. By holding the distributorships of the brands as CPM, Filip, Rossi, Satake and Verdi in the supply chain, including production, Depart provides global spare parts supply for all mills without discriminating any brand.

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