Dampening and Blending in the Milling Industry

06 February 20142 min reading
The second most important stage in milling after the raw material selection for a qualified and productive production is the preparation process of wheat for milling. In this process, wheat is firstly purified from the foreign substances that are heavier and lighter than wheat with the help of various technologies and then subjected to the dampening process. Specialists emphasize that dampening process is an extremely important process in terms of the quality of the flour and the yield of milling. In the world market where competition increases rapidly, there are many methods for the companies for gaining advantage against their rivals. But a qualified and productive production is not one of them as a company making production has to realize qualified and productive production not for gaining competition advantage but for protecting its existence. All other methods to be used are the extras that you can add into the qualified and productive production. There are many stages and factors affecting the quality and productivity in the milling industry. The most important of them is raw material selection. The stage after raw material selection is the preparation stage of wheat for milling process. Well-known experts working in milling sector state that the cleaning and dampening processes of wheat are extremely effective on the production productivity and flour quality.
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