Çukurova Silo to build world’s largest grain storage facility

12 February 20214 min reading

Can Demirel

Can Demirel Sales Manager Çukurova Silo

“Çukurova Silo, the global silo manufacturer exporting to more than 70 countries, signed a contract to carry out a giant grain storage facility project with a capacity of one million tons in Turkmenistan. The project, the feasibility, project design, engineering calculations, production and installation of which will be carried out 100 percent by Çukurova Silo, will be the world’s largest grain storage facility when it is completed.”

Thanks to its 60,000 m2 facility; its organizational structure focusing on efficiency and innovation as well as cutting-edge production lines, Çukurova Silo has become a global brand that exports to more than 70 countries from Australia to Colombia in a very short time and a respected partner for its stakeholders. Çukurova Silo continues its successful journey with its “sustainable growth” model, with its management model, professional human resources that it incorporates and continuously develops, and technology investments in its production infrastructure. Our company is one of the few firms that have received ‘Design Center Authorization’ in Turkey and that applies ‘dynamism’ in production and service at every stage of the business processes. Çukurova Silo, which has understood the importance of cooperation between university and industry long before, continuously grows its partnership with the academy and continues to receive technological, scientific and professional support to improve production processes. In R&D and Business Development, innovation and development are part of the DNA of Çukurova Silo. We are aware that we have reached our current brand value thanks to our indispensable principles; 1) analyzing customer demands accurately and completely, 2) to gain the trust and support of our business partners by prioritizing customer satisfaction and interests, 3) to turn a mutually beneficial relationship into a sustainable partnership, 4) professional and quality engineering services after sales

Accompanied by these principles, Çukurova Silo family, which has grown rapidly in its sector and become a reliable brand both locally and globally, is taking pride in conducting another impressive project.

Contracts were signed with Bagtiyar Gurlushik firm to carry out a 1 million-ton capacity silo project in Turkmenistan. The project, the feasibility, project design, engineering calculations, production and installation of which will be carried out 100 percent by Çukurova Silo, will be the world’s largest grain storage facility when it is completed.

Our corporate relations with Bagtiyar Gurlushik, one of our respected customers, started in 2019 with a grain storage facility with a capacity of 50,000 tons. Very serious project designs, calculations, planning as well as customer-oriented logistics and appropriate cost-benefit analyzes were made from the very beginning to the delivery of this facility, which was the first project of our company in Turkmenistan, After this project was successfully delivered by Çukurova Silo with a solution-oriented approach, Bagtiyar Gurlushik firm chose us for the new facility with a capacity of 1 million tons.

Çukurova Silo

We had an extensive preparation period for such a large and special project. First of all, we listened to the expectations and project targets of our customer. Then long-term feasibility studies were made and project meetings that lasted about one and a half years were held in Turkmenistan and in Turkey with the participation of managers and engineers. Çukurova Silo professionals and engineers presented the project that they prepared using the most advanced technologies of the sector and special solutions for such a facility, which will be the first in the world in this diameter and capacity, to the approval of our customer. As a result of these long and meticulous studies, Bagtiyar Gurlushik company preferred Çukurova Silo.

The turnkey project, which we will deliver in line with the expectations of our customer, is planned as a ‘Grain Storage Facility’ complex that includes the latest technology silo handling system, silo automation system, grain drying facility, and grain cleaning facility.

This project, which will bear the signature of Çukurova Silo, will be the first in the world in terms of facility size and capacity, complex design and appealing to a wide range of region. We have now started production with high quality and advanced engineering applications, without avoiding any sacrifice for the delivery of this huge project, including feasibility, design, production, logistics and installation.

I would like to thank our management and all my colleagues who contributed to this project, which is a source of pride for our Çukurova Silo brand.

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