CropScanAg appoints Rocky Mountain Equipment as a distributor in Western Canada

22 February 20222 min reading

Next Instruments Pty Ltd, trading as CropScanAg, is pleased to announce the appointment of Rocky Mountain Equipment (RME), Calgary, Alberta, Canada, as a new distributor for the CropScan 3300H On Combine Grain Analyser and the CropScanAg Solutions N-GUAGE App software across Western Canada.

The CropScan 3300H On Combine Grain Analyser is the world leader in on combine NIR grain analysers. The system has been installed in more than five hundred combines around the world, mostly in CASE IH and New Holland combines. The CropScan 3300H measures Protein, Oil, Moisture and Starch in grains and oil seeds as they are harvested in the field. The CropScanAg Cloud Server captures and presents the data via the CropScanAg N-GAUGE App. The N-GAUGE Grain Logistics and Nutrient Manager modules allow users to remotely manage grain transfers from the field to the farm storage site using the Virtual Storage System on any smart device. Farmers can quickly see the quantity and quality of the grain stored on farm or shipped to grain buyer or processor in order to improve grain marketing decisions. The N-GAUGE Nutrient Manager module is specifically designed to enable farmers and their agronomists to efficiently develop and manage Variable Rate Fertilization (VRF) prescriptions for N, P, K and S using their smart phone or tablet. The N-GAUGE app allows farmers to manage their farms anywhere from the palm of their hand.

RME’s Precision Ag Manager, Chad Moskal stated that the N-GAUGE App is the real game changer for the CropScan 3300H technology. Now that the N-GAUGE App is available, RME can offer a complete PA solution for Variable Rate Nitrogen Fertilization applications which is a growing market and major issue for Canadian farmers.

CropScanAg and RME will be working together over the next 12 months to introduce the CropScanAg technology to the RME dealership network. CropScanAg and RME realise training and knowledge is key to making this partnership work. Together we can grow the CropScanAg digital footprint and to help the Canadian Grain industry to improve and simplify grain traceability, nitrogen management and overall profitability for farmers. The CropScanAg “Measure Manage Grow” methodology is designed by farmers and built for farmers.

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