Climate change and its effects on the industry

02 May 20161 min reading
Human being’s industrial, agricultural and energy-related activities on earth and intensifying greenhouse gases in the atmosphere introduced us the effects named climate change. These effects appear as desertification, floods, erratic rainfalls, hurricanes and etc. The issue of climate change has become the most significant problem regardless of country or continent.  h_77_6 Food, agriculture and climate change which are highly related with each other definitely affect all the stages of production process of grain and pulses which are considered as staple food. Although these effects may vary as to the region and pro-duct, the size of the hazard seems equally large when food security is considered globally. Therefore if we do not take sustainable precautions, climate change would have serious effects on the ecosystem of the regions which are easy to be effected. We have decided to focus on climate change and its effects both for its significance and urgency and for close relation with our industry. You can find the related articles in our cover story.
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