Cimbria’s solutions contributes to food security in Africa

01 October 20212 min reading N. Kemal PARLAK

Growing populations, especially in the cities of Africa, are making ever higher demands on food security," says Thomas Mohr, Sales Director, Grain for Cimbria, and he continues, "it increases our opportunities in African markets."

Cimbria is one of the world's leading suppliers in the industrial processing, handling and storage of cereals and seeds, as well as animal feed, food and other bulk products. Cimbria's products allow customers to handle large quantities of seeds, such as coffee beans and cereals.

The Danish Embassy in Uganda organized an export promotion in Rwanda and Uganda, which included companies involved in the processing of food, food technology and quality control of food. The delegation was in Rwanda from 8 to 10 September, 2021. "We expect our participation in the delegation build better relationships with senior officials and key players in the market," explains Thomas Mohr. He also hopes meeting with potential customers will help expand Cimbria’s clientele and its activities in the country.

In addition to meeting potential business partners and potential customers, the participating companies gained increased knowledge of the market and strengthened their network among leading business people.


"Among other things, we look forward to meeting a large brewery, as we have the right equipment and good experience in malt handling," concludes Thomas Mohr. "We have an office in Kenya and are well established there, but want to expand our activities in East Africa. Therefore, it was natural for us to participate in the delegation."

Cimbria's technology helps increase food safety in food handling throughout the process. The company has already helped build critically important infrastructure for the food supply in other African countries and hopes to have the opportunity to help also build a stable food supply in Rwanda. Cimbria is one of five companies who participated in the delegation. Denmark is a leader in food technology. There are great export opportunities with Rwanda's increased focus on food security.

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