Cimbria supplies soybean seed processing plant in Russia

08 January 20211 min reading

The Sporos soybean processing plant is the largest, most modern high-tech seed plant in the Far East.

Built in record time, the Sporos soybean processing plant in Bikin, Khabarovsk, Russia, is the largest, most modern high-tech seed plant in the Far East. With a ground-breaking intake capacity of 50 t/h, the Sporos plant was designed specifically to clean and store soybeans.

From seed intake to packing, the processing line consists of 10 stations equipped with Cimbria destoning, drying, pre-cleaning, fine cleaning, grading, color sorting and coating solutions.

The high flexibility and automation of each station mean each can be used separately for different processes, if required. Sporos represents both a management success and a project challenge, achieved through the synergy between Cimbria’s technical office and local design institutes, complying with Russian regulations.

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